Thin Lizzy To Release First New Album In 29 Years

Thin Lizzy to release first new album in 29 years. The classic rock band's last LP was 1983's 'Thunder and Lightning'.

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Thin Lizzy are set to release their first brand new album in 29 years.

The classic rock band - whose line-up currently consists of Scott Gorham, Brian Downey, Darren Wharton, Ricky Warwick, Marco Mendoza and Damon Johnson will follow 1983's "Thunder And Lightning" with a 12th studio album, which they plan to start recording next month. The band, who have been touring for the past two years, told that they might be playing some of their new material at their Dublin Olympia show on December 13.

Gorham said: "I'll be going out to Los Angeles at the end of the month to work on some songs with Damon and then I think we will start recording in October in our producer Kevin Shirley's studio".

Shirley has worked with Iron Maiden and Led Zeppelin. Gorham added: "We are all excited about the new record but especially Ricky and Damon, they just can't wait to start recording! You have got six guys there that are chomping at the bit that can't wait to get this thing going".

The album will be the band's first without former frontman Phil Lynott, who died in 1986 at the age of 36.

Lynott's mother recently hit out at Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney after he played the band's classic "The Boys Are Back In Town" at the Republican National Convention earlier this month.

Philomena Lynott told that her son would not have approved of Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan's anti-gay and pro-rich policies. She also said she was sure he would have supported Barack Obama.

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    Well, if I can ignore Queen's Brian May and Roger Taylor raping the legacy of their legendary band, and ignore Steve Tyler selling out to the extreme, might as well ignore Phil Lynott's lifes work getting shafted...
    Lynott's mother recently hit out at Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney after he played the band's classic "The Boys Are Back In Town"..... whatever happened to slams
    No Phil and no Gary Moore, seriously?
    It's extremely difficult to make new albums when you're dead.
    What i meant was how can it be Thin Lizzy when they are both dead.
    Exactly. Now, here in a few months, they'll say they're releasing a newly recorded album from Lyrnyrd Skyn... oh, wait.
    as long as Gorham and Downey have a bulk in saying what is done and how it should be done, I'm ok with this.
    Sorry, there is no Thin Lizzy without Phil Lynott, even though Brian Downey and Scott Gorham are absolutely amazing (even though Gorham was the third best guitarist behind Gary Moore and Brian Robertson). Still going to listen to them to see what they can do instrumentally, but it's no Thin Lizzy.
    I don't think I'd want to hear it to be honest. At the very least they shouldn't call it a Thin Lizzy album, a supergroup made up of "Thin Lizzy ex Members" would be fine though, personally I think the band's had too many lineup changes to simply be the same band.
    "in the Olympia, Dublin". Hang on, some UG news is happening close enough for me to ACTUALLY care! Sweet!
    Gorham and Downey are long time members of Thin Lizzy. Far more so than Gary Moore who showed little loyalty to the band. Gorham has strong writing contributions to Lizzy and has a right to play the music. However, I used to feel similarly to many of the comments on here about the post-Lynott years not really being Thin Lizzy. But my opinion changed when I saw the latest line-up live. The band has real energy with Ricky Warwick and sounds fresh. IMO it is much better to have the music being played live and enjoyed by a new generation. Very interested to see what they can come up with.
    I don't think you can say Gary Moore showed little loyalty to the band when he left because the rest were all off their faces an unable to play properly. This had little to do with loyalty and more to do with quality and wanting to distance himself from activities he felt were wrong. This version of Lizzy is a tribute band at best. Interesting that the picture is one of the incarnation before with Sykes in it, another guitarist who has walked away as it had run its course.
    Perhaps I was a being a little harsh on our Gazza! I was trying to draw attention to the fact Scott Gorham played with Lizzy for far longer is all. Though I can't agree the band is just a tribute band. At least not in the sense of a bunch of random musicians playing covers. Over half the band actually played in Thin Lizzy for a long time and if, as in the case of Gorham, Downey and Wharton, they wrote Lizzy material I don't see how playing those songs is a tribute. Having said that, when seeing them live it did feel like a fantastic tribute to Phil & the original Lizzy so perhaps both points of view are valid!
    I saw a recent live concert of theirs on VH1, it was pretty sad to see knowing what could have been.