Thousand Foot Krutch Delay

Thousand Foot Krutch continue recording their follow-up to the smash 2003 album, Phenomenon.

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The band has posted the following on their site: "The next studio album from Thousand Foot Krutch will be released in either late June or early July. The band will send out an email once the date is set. There has been a lot of excitement about these songs and pushing it back a little helps make sure the album gets completed in it's best form."

They are currently in the studio with producer Arnold Lanni (Our Lady Peace, Simple Plan). Also the band is nominated for a Juno Award (like the Grammy's except Canadian). They are nominated for Contemporary Christian/Gospel Album Of The Year, and are up against: Fresh I.E., Aileen Lombardo, Raylene Scarrott, and Greg Sczebel.

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    I only heard their Rawkfist song, which is really good. Is the rest of their album hard rocking also?
    ^It's not bad, only a couple songs as hard as that but overall good cd, I'll be looking forward to that one.