Three Days Grace Eyeing 2015 Release for Upcoming Album

It's also confirmed that some of their new material may also be road tested during the band's shows this summer.

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Three Days Grace gave their fans a taste of new music earlier this year when they issued the chart-topping "Painkiller" single, but it may be a while longer before the band releases their first album with new frontman Matt Walst at the helm.

As Loudwire notes, bassist Brad Walst reveals that he expects the new album to arrive in early 2015, as the band has been alternating time between the studio and the road. "We kind of come and go as we please," Walst tells Billboard. "It's great to be able to take a couple of weeks and reflect on the songs instead of going in and hammering it out in a month or something. It lets the material breathe and everybody can make adjustments as needed." The bassist also confirmed that some of their new material may also be road tested during the band's shows this summer.

Speaking about how the music is shaping up, Walst explains, "It's a pretty aggressive record, to be honest. On 'Transit of Venus,' we brought the synth world in a little bit and experimented with songwriting and our whole process. But I gotta tell you, this whole record is quite heavy, sonically and lyrically. It's just got a heavy sound."

The bassist credits his brother with bringing a new passion to Three Days Grace, and he reveals that the band has a good 10 or so songs recorded for the new album. Walst expects to finish the disc in the coming months, with the early 2015 release likely.

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    I don't know how I feel about this. I love the band but Adam's voice was so distinct and unique.
    Agreed, with Matt it sounds like another My Darkest Days song. Not that it's a bad thing, they just play a very similar style and Adam was the distinguishing part of 3DG for me.
    Saw them last year with Matt, he was pretty good, fits the band well. I'm interested in hearing this new stuff
    They always release their albums in three year intervals...I don't wanna wait that long...
    I think they lost a lot of game when Adam left. They went from playing arenas to playing small clubs. They had a really impressive live show.
    Looking forward to this- I'll always miss Adam (3DG was a big part of my high school soundtrack), but I loved Painkiller (haters gonna hate) not to mention Matt was awesome when I saw them last year (for the record, I actually bought my ticket to that show before Adam bailed, so I was initially hesitant to go see them when the news broke that he left). I'm going to be seeing them again tomorrow night, and my expectations are no less than before.
    Saw these guys on Sunday, and they put on a pretty good show. Matt got a little cheesy at times starting "THREE! DAYS! GRACE!" chants, but was actually better on vox than I remember Adam being. Give it a shot if you were a fan of them before.
    I feel blessed to have seen them twice before Adam left, including a post-Transit of Venus-show. Granted, I went for other bands and 3DG just happened to be there, but they put on a hell of a show. The lineup now... just... no. I'm not digging it. Not at all.
    I love the shit out of these guys - but they should be working on a new project with Matt instead of carrying on without Adam.
    I have fallen into this before, but it is Three Days Grace, not Adam Gontier featuring Three Days Grace. Adam wasn't the only thing that made the band, the other members did too (unfair on the band to have to start a new band just because one person left, no matter how important he was). Gontier is writing music for his solo act, so you can listen to 3DG and Gontier's work
    No, he wrote all the songs. He was the only guitarist on the first album. This new guy doesn't even play guitar, the band is lacking a lot now.. Also his voice is whiny as heck
    I can see where you are coming from because there are bands I like that I wouldn't want a member replaced but with this case I liked Painkiller and I want to hear an album with Matt singing before I say "they shouldn't do this"
    Why is it so hard to find someone who cares about you? When it's easy enough to find someone who looks down on you.
    Lyrics from Someone Who Cares on the album Life Starts Now
    Epi g-310
    I think the "Wat" was more because why would someone just post random lyrics on the article? This ain't Youtube.
    If you go to today's Slipknot article, he has quoted lyrics from the song Dead Memories... I'm guessing this is his kind of signature while on UG... I don't know, that's my view on it :p
    They should just change the band name and stop playing the old songs. They are so personal to the person who wrote them, that it just seems false having another guy up there singing them...