Tiamat Begins Recording New Album

Tiamat mainman Johan Edlund ha issued the following update: "Last night I got back home..."

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Tiamat mainman Johan Edlund ha issued the following update:

"Last night I got back home [to Greece] from a week of [Tiamat] rehearsals and some days of drum recordings [for the new album] in Sweden. The trip turned into a quite personal trauma and a few tears left my eyes while careening through red mist and dust of the Greek forest fires when entering Greek airspace on my late night flight from Prague back to Macedonia, but luckily after a few days of worrying my close and loved ones in the south of Greece are OK and most fires are heavily bondaged by heroic firefighters of all Europe. Bless them!

"Rehearsals went fine, thanks to small little brown bottles wrapped in paper with joyfully slogans printed on them. We had a few drunken nights in Stockholm and I managed to see my team Hammarby lose against a non-team from the west coast.

"A few days later me and Lars [Skold, drums] went to the west coast. To a small little town called Varberg, to be precise, just outside the anus of Sweden that some people still call Gothenburg (the city most known for an ugly building that looks like a lipstick, which they call the lipstick).

"Though beer drinking was still on the agenda, we didn't go down there for watching football, nor fishing, but to record our animalistic maniac behind the drums in Studio Mega."

Check out photos from the recording studio at this location.

Tiamat recently inked a new deal with Nuclear Blast Records. The band's last studio album, "Prey", was released in 2003 through Century Media.

Tiamat's "The Church of Tiamat" DVD entered the Swedish Music DVD chart at position No. 5 in May 2006. An e-card for the DVD is available at this location. The e-card contains several features, such as a streamable sample video of the DVD, photos as well as detailed information on Tiamat itself and the band's first official DVD release. The video teaser gives you the opportunity to check out the following songs: "Vote For Love", "Children Of The Underworld" and "Gaia".

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