Title Track From Michael Jackson's 'Xscape' Leaks

Posthumous track was written during Invincible sessions by Jackson and producer Rodney Jerkins.

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The title track from Michael Jackson's forthcoming posthumous album "Xscape" has surfaced online. Check it out below.

As Gigwise notes, the funky "Xscape" was written by Jackson and Rodney Jerkins during recording sessions for what was to be the final album Jackson released whilst he was alive, 2001's "Invincible." It certainly has an early 00s sound to it, and is similar in style to "Invincible"'s lead single "You Rock My World."

Xscape is the second record to be released after Jackson's death, the first being 2010's rather poorly-recieved Michael. It will feature 8 unreleased tracks from Jackson's estate which Epic Records boss LA Reid gained access to, then called on the likes of Timbaland, Rodney Jerkins and Stargate to "contemporize" them.

Xscape, which has been tipped by bookmakers to become the biggest-selling record of the year, will also feature appearances from Mary J Blige, Questlove and D'Angelo.

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    Aryan Death Man
    Its good.But Michael was a perfectionist,this songs are probably some reject songs.Still looking forward to it
    Michael... strictly speaking on his musicianship, he was a great song writer. Happy to hear this level of creativity. It may be substandards for him... but to many a people? This is very much a golden song.
    has a HIStory/Dangerous (my fave jacko era) vibe to it, I like it Although I think for a single the last few choruses should be cut.
    Sounds Great. Michael Jackson is a legend in my eyes and was the one to get me into music. Great to hear his unreleased material.
    Child molester. Ball toucher. Sick peach of shat
    Besides, MJ bought the rights to the Beatles publishing so every time a Beatles song was licensed to a car commercial or played in public that little freak made money on music he didn't write...sickening.
    Plenty of people make money like that. You're probably just demonizing him because there's some other retarded reason for you not to like him. If making money on music publishing is "sickening", then welcome to the music industry. A lot of songs you've heard on the radio belongs to someone else.
    In fact, it was Paul McCartney who advised Jackson on the investment that owning song catalogs could bring. Paul could have outbid MJ but he didn't.
    a lot of artists are not lucky enough to own their own copyrights, music publishers tend to buy the copyrights from artists and they certainly make money on music they don't write. Perhaps it's an undesirable situation but MJ was just a canny businessman. besides the number of people making money from a song>the number of songwriters
    A bit late on the news, guys lol. Xscape leaked years ago and it's a very underrated, but amazing track by Michael.
    Im assuming the leak has been plugged (at least on that link) - not working. Shame I would have liked to listen to that.
    No it works, I thought the same. You just need to wait like 30 seconds before it plays. Sounds pretty cool too.
    matteo cubano
    yeah his voice is fantastic, and the first minute or so actually reminded me of a trent reznor creation
    This sounds way better than anything on that last posthumous record. I actually believe this is Michael singing!
    (Pun intended) not bad! Sounds a lot more like something from Dangerous than Invincible, though.