Todd La Tore on Tate's Queensryche: 'It's a Group of Great Musicians, but That's Not Queensryche'

Meanwhile, the band is streaming their new self-titled record in full.

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Queensryche singer Todd La Torre recently discussed the ongoing drama the band is going through, which still seems to be in the spotlight when it comes to Queensryche.

During a chat with London Rocks, the vocalist stated that the entire situation with former singer Geoff Tate isn't something the group is paying much attention to, but also admitted that "it's everywhere on the Internet, so you can't avoid it."

"There's a trial in November that will determine the [Queensryche] name - who gets that - and I feel very confident, everyone on our side feels very confident that Michael [Wilton] and Scott [Rockenfield] And Eddie [Jackson] will be awarded the name."

The singer continued, saying, "And obviously, it'll boil down to whatever kind of corporate contracts are established and put in place and that kind of a thing. I'm sure there will have to be some type of financial compensation for whichever side gets it. But these guys were the majority, they were the songwriters."

As far as Tate-fronted version of the group goes, La Torre gave each of the band members nothing but props, but also stressed that its simply not Queensryche.

"I know that on [Geoff's] record, he had him and two other writers that aren't even in the band," he said. "And those guys that play on that record are not the guys that you see on the stage. So it's a group of great musicians that he has joining him, but that's not Queensryche."

Meanwhile, La Torre-fronted Queensryche edition streamed their new self-titled effort in full, Blabbermouth reports. The record is set for a June 25 release via Century Media Records and will mark La Torre's studio debut with the band. You can check out the stream below.

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    Just finished listening to the album for the 3rd time. Definitely not perfect, a bit short and a couple of weak songs in there in my opinion, but the rest of the album is killer, and definitely the best they've released since '94, BY FAR, probably some songs even on par with Empire. This is the first time I'm enjoying something by Queensryche since Promised Land. I'm sorry, but with quality stuff like this I'm not going to miss Tate a bit. I'm so glad they fired him so they're able to play stuff like this again.
    Well, Todd's version of QR isn't the original band either. It is easy to replicate the drums but the voice? Look at Maiden without Dickinson. Without DeGarmo and Tate, it ain't QR and Todd - you're just a hired gun.
    So Iron Maiden hasn't been Iron Maiden since Paul? AC/DC hasn't been AC/DC since Bon died? Dream Theater hasn't been Dream Theater since Dominici was fired? In my opinion QR should be granted to Todd's fronted band as they have more members from QR, and also managed to make a good (mature) record
    DeGarmo and Tate were the principal songwriters. I don't have much love for Tate either but to call this AOR crap a good album...I just can't do it!
    DeGarmo and Wilton were the main songwriters, with Rockenfield contributing quite a bit too. Tate just wrote lyrics and vocal lines, just like Todd now.
    Just??? If you know copyright, that's 50% of the song right there just for the text and about 20% more for vocal melodies. That's how it works, I worked in a studio with a few labels. It all depends how negotiated but 50% minimum from the way you explain it is Tate. Drummers usually don't get much royalties so not sure what Rockenfeld wrote or not, since they are not melodies only get credited if they are integral to the song, think of things like Rush's "Tom Sawyer" beat or Lars' kicks on "One". To me this sounds exactly like "Hear on the now frontier" but with worse production and somewhat pitchy singer (I heard the autotune kick heavily in places). To me this is completely identical to Bruce leaving Maiden and them schlepping with that poor sod...what was his name? Bailey. Janick Gers was/is a lot better lead guitarist than these two guys. The way it stands with me, "Empire" is the end of Queensryche, this is just a wrangling which cover version will play the back catalog and get the billing as THE BAND.
    Again, Bruce Dickinson isn't the original frontman of Iron Maiden. So clearly, Maiden hasn't been Maiden since he joined.
    So you mean so far all the QR material has been for the most part insignificant and with "Bailey Jr" joining QR's ranks suddenly we'll have a new band that will be greater than the QR that we knew? This is arguing just for the sake or argument. The real truth is that both parties to the lawsuit dragged the QR brand into the dust since until last year all the members were willing participants to Tate's abortion of the original band and its concept. Now they just figured they could continue aborting their musical careers without him while he does the same without them. 10 years down the road there will be a reunion, just like it happened for a lot of the other bands. I think we are talking about a band of has beens on both sides that have long ago shredded their last vestiges of originality and now they are both (tate or "new" QR) trying to hit the market, thus the variety of crap on their albums - little metal, little pop, some hard rock, some AOR friendly prog, etc.
    Horrible reasoning, dude. You're comparing lead singers who were only around when their bands were still in the very early stages and hadn't yet peaked to a guy who fronted a band for over three decades. Bon Scott is the only semi-comparable example here, but even he only lasted five years or so. But that's not the point anyway. The point is they don't have DeGarmo OR Tate. It's not just the singer, you know. This band is like AC/DC without Bon Scott AND Angus Young.
    Tate HATES Rock n Roll fans, this much is known. He is an arrogant dictator of a lead singer. He THINKS he knows what we want to hear, and he has been WRONG about that every album, since Promised Land. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Todd is the voice of Queensryche now.
    I'm just happy there's finally some new great songs by QR. I can count the good ones during the last decade or two on one hand.
    Eh, it's a little better than I expected. Slightly above average. Very disappointed with Wilton and the guitars though. The only guitar parts that really sound cool are the harmonized leads which end up being overused in place of actual strong, memorable guitar solos. Like what is that pitiful thing in "Spore" supposed to be? Starts off nicely and sounds like it's building to some big climax and then it just cuts back into the chorus all of a sudden. Ruined one of the best songs. And that's the main problem. Every track sounds like a "radio edit" version. They just slapped everything together as tightly as possible with no room for any "outside the box" moments or even for some of the song sections to develop as needed. 35 minutes is way too short and yes it feels short - the songs individually and the album as a whole. I don't get why they went that route. Do they seriously expect to get mainstream radio airplay or something? Lol. Not gonna happen. So really I don't know who this album is supposed to appeal to. It's neither prog enough to be labeled "progressive" nor particularly metal enough to please the real metal crowd. This will I guess only appeal to the people who were already fans of this "version" of Queensryche from the start. What a waste.
    Sorry bro (FirereaverX), your review lacks authority to me after your insane assessment of Frequency Unknown.
    At least it sounds finished, unlike that album of other people's unfinished demos Tate released. This sounds like where Queensryche should've been to me, before your master dragged the name into oblivion. It's short but at the end I wanted to listen to it again. Haven't been able to say that about a QR album since Promised Land.