Todd La Torre-Fronted Queensryche Stream 'Fallout'

Listen to the newest track from the band's upcoming self-titled album.

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"Fallout," a brand new song from the Todd La Torre-fronted version of Queensryche, can be streamed using the SoundCloud widget below. As Blabbermouth reports, the track comes off the band's self-titled album, which will be released on June 25 via Century Media Records.

The cover artwork was created by Craig Howell, who has previously worked on designs for "Star Wars," "Slipknot" and "American Idol," to name a few.

"Queensryche" track listing:

01. X2 02. Where Dreams Go To Die 03. Spore 04. In This Light 05. Redemption 06. Vindication 07. Midnight Lullaby 08. A World Without 09. Don't Look Back 10. Fallout 11. Open Road

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    Better than the rest of what I'd heard. Still pretty bland though... I'm kinda looking forward to the whole Queensryche debacle just moving on...
    Whoever gets DeGarmo back in their band wins
    Agreed. The sad thing is, I think 90% of the people supporting the LaTorre band over Geoff's would switch on a dime if Tate got DeGarmo to stop flying planes, and pick up the flying V again.
    Erasing everything after Promised Land by the sound of it. I wish Todd's highs were left in.
    better, better than recent Queensryche efforts. They started to lose me with Promised Land, then really did with HEar in the new Frontier, and Q2K was downright awful. Everything since then I've heard has been bland and unexciting. This sounds like its going back in the right direction.
    Toddryches album is far superior to Tateryches. Nice to see the rest of the guys writing again. Sounds a lot more like Queensryche than anything since Promised Land.
    Not great, but not bad. The track that really caught my interest was "Where Dreams Go To Die". This is actually the first Queensrche release I've ever looked forward to, seeing as I became a fan 2005 and the OM/Empire-days were long gone.
    I wish Geoff had just let them write, I can hear these songs being sung by Geoff in my head, then when I look he is gone, and a vocal clone has taken his place...make a great "Behind the Music".
    Right on! I am not interested in taking "Sides" in their dispute, I just want to hear some new music...GOOD, new music. I don't want to hear it just from Queensryche either. We need some sort of a Metal revival these days. I don't know if I am just pining for my more-youthful years or am I just a little bored and upset with the current state of Hard Rock and Metal? I really hope this album kicks ass! They need it. I need it!