Todd La Torre's Queensryche Trail New Album

Queensryche have posted a video featuring sneak-previews of the material they've written with new singer Todd La Torre. Watch it here.

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Queensryche have posted a video featuring sneak-previews of the material they've written with new singer Todd La Torre - scroll down to watch it.

The band have been at work on their first album since splitting with vocalist Geoff Tate following a breakdown in relations between the two. Legal action is pending over the band name, which is currently in use by both parties.

Meanwhile, Tate says he's come close to collaborating with ex-Queensryche guitarist Chris DeGarmo on several occasions. He tells Classic Rock Revisited: Chris and I are always talking about doing stuff together.

"He calls me up out of the blue and tells me he has an idea, and I'll go over to his house. We've collected a few songs over the years."

But the singer, who recently released solo album Kings And Thieves, adds: "He doesn't have this life any more. As time goes by he's becoming less and less interested. I can't relate to it at all, but I can respect his point of view."

Queensryche's new album is due out early next year (Classic Rock) and is being produced by James 'Jimbo' Barton, who worked on the band's Operation: Mindcrime, Empire and Promised Land albums.

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    THIS is more Queensryche than any QR album since Promised Land. Period. If you can't hear that, then you are tone deaf. I will always love old Geoff Tate, before he douched out. But he has not been able to sing the older stuff for a very long time, and he lost touch with what the fans want (cabaret? really?) The rest of the band wanted a diferent direction, and then Tate spit on everyone. You're fired, goodbye.
    Hell yeah! They're back!
    Just who exactly is back? To the best of my knowledge, the five members of this band have never done anything together before now and this music surely does not resemble anything that Queensryche is known for.
    Let's begin by stating I am a fan of the later Queensrche as well, but upon hearing this trailer I can't help but smile now that the Queensrche of old has found its way back into the minds of the members. They haven't actually been gone, but the metal Queensrche has been away for a long, long time. If you don't recognize the signature sound in some of those fragments, I can't help you.
    Oh, it's definitely metal. No question about that. However, that in itself does not make it Queensryche as that was just a small part of what Queensryche was. Okay, I listened again. The first clip sounds like any number of power metal bands, I do dig the second one, the next one sounds like any "soft" metal/hard rock song that you would've heard on the radio a few years back, and the last one sounds like modern prog metal which is fine. But what exactly do you hear in there that is the "signature" sound? It's definitely not the voice and the guitar-work does not sound very distinctive or familiar to me either.
    Darth Bastard
    Geoff is that you? Even from just the trailer, this sounds like it's going to be a gall danged return to form. Also had a chuckle when it said "All Songs Written and Performed By Queensryche" heheh, how does that feel Tate?
    True, the first clip is not very convincing, but the others are. The signature sound I hear definitely is the guitar work; the sound that reminds me slightly of the Promised Land album; the way it is mixed with the bass. The vocals, he is not Tate, but he sings QR style melodies and definitely fits it enough to make it sound QR. It is not the same as old QR, but face it, that time is in the past. This sounds like vintage QR with a good dash of new, fresh ideas. Love it or hate it if you wish, but I'm definitely digging this.
    Nothing compelling like the Mindcrime or Empire releases in these tunes. Love him or hate him, Tate was too big an influence on the songs to call this the same band.
    Definitely. They sound much more like your typical power metal band now. Granted, it's still better than anything since Empire ....
    Sounds good. I still think the ongoing "wahhh we're queensryche" "no us!!" is really juvenile though.
    Lame. Geoff evolved the band, Chris left. It is and was what it was. Geoff was 90% of the band, as for what the fans want? Really? Nobody told Dane of Nevermore (another, heavier Seattle band) what to play. Creativity takes you places that only it knows where to go. Love it or leave it. This is crap, just like the fairground version of Styx. So far the only 80's band to pull off a frontman change for the better is Journey.
    To correct myself Journey started in the late 70's, but their fame came in the 80's. So with that said, I would also add AC/DC with Brian Johnson and Genesis with Phil Collins. The so called "original" Queensryche without Geoff will be bland at best. When Roger Hodgson left Supertramp, it became bland at best and lame as well. Who should really be accused of "using" and destroying the Queensryche moniker? Ryche with La Torre did form a band called "Rising West." It's only fitting that they continue as Rising West.
    Funny how Geoff didn't want to play the olde catalog until he got fired. Now he is going to try and tour with hired guns? Glen Dove already gracefully bowed out, stating he felt it wasn't in his best interest.