Tom Morello and Serj Tankian Offer Peculiar Cover of 'Crazy Train'

Rudy Sarzo and Vinnie Appice also take part in the jam.

Ultimate Guitar

Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello and System of a Down singer Serj Tankian have joined forces to cover Ozzy Osbourne's classic track "Crazy Train."

Accompanied by Quiet Riot's Rudy Sarzo on bass and onetime Black Sabbath drummer Vinnie Appice, the guys delivered a peculiar rendition worth your attention.

The jam took place as a part of upcoming release "Immortal Randy Rhoads: The Ultimate Tribute."

Morello was particularly excited about being a part of the tribute, telling Rolling Stone that "Randy Rhoads is my favorite guitar player of all time."

He added, "It was his poster on my wall when I was practicing eight hours a day, and I named my firstborn son, Rhoads, after him. Serj, Rudy, Vinny and I rocked 'Crazy Train' as a sonic tribute to one of rock's greatest fallen heroes. Crank it."

Serj's signature vocals and Morello's recognizable guitar tricks indeed make this one a distinctive cover. The album is due out on March 3. Details below.

'Immortal Randy Rhoads: The Ultimate Tribute' Track Listing

01. Crazy Train (Ozzy)

Vocals: Serj Tankian
Guitars: Tom MorelloBass: Rudy SarzoDrums: Vinny Appice

02. Over The Mountain (Ozzy)

Vocals: Tim "Ripper" Owens
Guitars: Jon DonaisBass: Rudy SarzoDrums: Frankie Banali

03. Mr. Crowley (Ozzy)

Vocals: Chuck Billy
Guitars: Alexi Laiho
Keyboards: Kelle RhoadsBass Rudy: Rudy SarzoDrums: Vinny Appice

04. Believer (Ozzy)

Vocals: Tim "Ripper" Owens
Guitars: Doug AldrichBass: Rudy SarzoDrums: Vinny Appice

05. Back To The Coast (Quiet Riot)

Vocals: Kelle Rhoads
Guitars: Bruce KulickBass: Rudy SarzoDrums: Frankie Banali

06. I Don't Know (Ozzy)

Vocals: Tim "Ripper" Owens
Guitars: George LynchBass: Rudy SarzoDrums: Brett Chassen

07. S.A.T.O. (Ozzy)

Vocals: Tim "Ripper" Owens
Rhythm guitars: Bob Kulick
Lead guitar: Dweezil ZappaBass: Rudy SarzoDrums: Vinny Appice

08. Killer Girls (Quiet Riot)

Vocals: Tim "Ripper" Owens
Guitars: Joel HoekstraBass: Rudy SarzoDrums: Brett Chassen

09. Goodbye To Romance (Ozzy)

Vocals: Tim "Ripper" Owens
Guitars: Gus G.Bass: Rudy SarzoDrums: Brett Chassen

10. Suicide Solution (Ozzy)

Vocals: Tim "Ripper" Owens
Guitars: Brad GillisBass: Rudy SarzoDrums: Brett Chassen

11. Flying High Again (Ozzy)

Vocals: Tim "Ripper" Owens
Guitars: Bernie Torme
Bass: Rudy SarzoDrums: Brett Chassen

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    It's interesting for sure. Not sure if I like how it was mixed. Those are some loud vocals
    Definitely peculiar.
    especially the solo, it could have been any random drunk meth addict hobo playing it
    They had the choice of playing it note for note or they had the chance to put their own spin on it. Sure, it's not the best thing ever recorded but at least they gave it a go in their own style for a laugh, although I'd take the 'Ultimate' part out of the name of the tribute album because of it
    I feel like the vocals are too loud and the lead work is questionable. I'm just not a Morello fan apart from some Rage. I have heard much better covers. I need to hear Crowley tho.
    The solo was simply terrible, even for a RATM song solo ... Serj vocal are fine but it doesnt fit at all for a song like this .. Cant wait to hear laiho doing mr crowley, I hope they wont mess up like this
    I liked it. I understand people not being to fond of it but I definitely don't think it's awful. And I mean, what did you expect from Tom morello? Did you think he wouldn't use any effects? That's like saying "yeah I like flee but he slaps way to much in this"
    Good lord someone needs to add some reverb to Serj's voice. It's dryer than a nun's chooch.
    Appreciate the effort but that solo sounds like someone doing a Tom Morello parody
    Somewhere there is an angel committing suicide after cutting off it's ears.
    Fuck you Tom Morello, I'm sorry. Appice & Tankian have both been dirtied by this horrible cover. This is how you ****ing cover crazy train.
    Happy to see Mystic Prophecy getting some recognition, they are an amazing band! For those who don't know them, this is one of Gus G.'s old band. He recorded the 3 first album with them and then left to focus on Firewind.
    The soundcloud comments are so funny. Also, this cover sucks, its a tribute to Rhoads yet Morello changes all the solos and fills to random noise RATM style shit.
    Both two very talented guys in their own right, but this is terrible and they've straight up butchered a classic.
    Hmm, not too keen on Serj's vocals for this one, Tom's solo was a bit naff too. Hyped for some Ripper though, Rudy Sarzo and Vinny Appice are great choices also.
    I say this a big Rage/Morello fan but Tom Morello's solos started to become poor on the 2nd Audioslave album sadly. Like he was running out of ideas for his unique sound. I wish he'd go back to more standard solo techniques, he's shown he can do them in the past.
    That was weird. Overal it was bearable, but then the solo started...
    Was a good cover. Hope the albums mixed a bit better! That line up on 'Believer' though. Dough Aldrich is so underrated
    its different but morello is not a great lead player for fills, it sounds like his guitar is struggling to do the runs in between the chorus lines. but its not bad overall, serj has a wierd voice for this, and as im listening to it now, the solo is ok but to buckethead and not enough actual non noise soloing.
    I think its pretty nice, but I would prefer something more like a remix version then a cover
    That was so bad, it almost makes Busta Rhymes' cover of Iron Man sound listenable.
    Nope. I actually find it somewhat funny to be honest I can't take it seriously.
    Ripper Owens is all over this.. and that's a good thing! I've heard him sing a cover of Mr. Crowley and it was pretty cool. As a huge Randy fan, I can't wait for this!
    If Tom wanted to put his own spin on the solo, he would have had the same framework as Randy and just added minor 'flourishes' of his own.
    The drums are bad too... Morello and Tankian have both lived their moments a long time ago, now their both just plain irrelevant.
    with all due respect and as big RATM fan and someone who respects Serj alot. This was not called for. Serjs voice doesn't fit this. And tom, you dont have to play wacky ****ing experimental solos in every song. some times the KISS-principle works fine.
    I actually didn't mind it besides the solo. It was different and definitely both of their styles. This album has my attention now - Ripper Owens, Bruce Kulick, George Lynch, Doug Aldrich and Alexi Laiho, that's some awesome shit right there!
    Ugh, terrible cover. People really overhype Serj's ability as a singer. The past 10 years his voice has turned into a nasally shadow of its former self. It's almost like he's trying to imitate himself.