Tom Morello Will Be Featured as a Guest on Linkin Park's 'The Hunting Party'

The band reveals the record tracklisting, also is rumored to release new single "Until It's Gone" soon.

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Linkin Park posted the full tracklist of their upcoming album "The Hunting Party" on the official website, revealing that Tom Morello will join the list of guest appearances on the upcoming record.

The band will release their first ever self-produced album on June 17 (June 13 in Belgium and Germany). It will feature several guest appearances: alongside with Morello the album will feature Helmet's Page Hamilton, System of a Down's Daron Malakian and legendary rapper Rakim, who brought his rapping lines to the first single off the record "Guilty All the Same," released in the beginning of March.

It is also rumored that the next track off the album, "Until It's Gone," will be released soon. The single appeared on Linkin Park's profile on iHeart, alongside with the cover art. "Until It's Gone" was one of two mastered tracks revealed during the pre-release listening session on April 4 (the other one was "Guilty All the Same"), while the other four revealed tracks - "All for Nothing," "Keys to the Kingdom," "Wastelands" and "Rebellion" - were yet unmastered, so the possibility of releasing "Until It's Gone" as the single is very strong.

Meanwhile, the album has been called "the heaviest, rawest and loudest record Linkin Park ever made" by the band mastermind Mike Shinoda himself. He also dropped some details regarding the album making process, revealing that he made some demos, which sounded like the modern indie rock, but then he realised it was the kind of music he wanted to listen, but not the kind of music he wanted to make. As the band guitarist Brad Delson said, this album will feature "way more guitars," also a bunch of guitar solos, also saying that this is the record "the band might have made if we not made 'Hybrid Theory,'" calling "The Hunting Party" "the prequel to the 'Hybrid Theory.'"

See the album tracklist alongside with the supposed "Until It's Gone" cover art and the album trailer below.

Linkin Park will start their European tour on May 30 at Rock in Rio. They will also visit both Rock Am Ring and Rock Im Park festivals on June 7 and 8 and hit the stage of Download on June 14, performing their acclaimed debut "Hybrid Theory" in full.

"The Hunting Party" traclkist:

1) Keys to the Kingdom
2) All for Nothing (feat. Page Hamilton)
3) Guilty All the Same (feat. Rakim)
4) The Summoning
5) War
6) Wastelands
7) Until It's Gone
8) Rebellion (feat. Daron Malakian)
9) Mark the Graves
10) Drawbar (feat. Tom Morello)11) Final Masquerade12) A Line in the Sand

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    so does this mean they will go back to rap-rock/metal and not that electronic rock bs they have tried on the last two albums.
    Well, I was excited for this album before I read this article. Now I'm pants-soilingly excited for it. Morello is my favorite guitarist and I was NOT expecting a collab between him and Linkin Park.
    These guys work fast in the studio, new album already! I enjoy all their music so I don't mind what style they go for next.
    Awesome Morello Combining with Linkin Park ...Sounds Interesting...Can't wait.....
    Dude...please stop all the shenanigans and just go back to RATM, please!
    Can't waitfor this album. My only gripe is that it looks like it won't sound anything like A Thousand Suns, arguably their best release so far.
    Not their best, but certainly one that stands out. Very different and quite amazing. Listened to it yesterday.
    I didn't really like it, but I respected their break away from what I found to be rather dull attempts at sticking to rock in MtM. It's a shame the reactions of the idea alone were so negative.
    Best release? Have you heard Hybrid Theory or Meteora? Did you like A Thousand Suns as an electronic record, or an LP record? Because that was arguably their worst release.
    Linkin Park stopped to be 'nu-metal-sounding' band with Minutes to Midnight, so every album is Linkin Park album. Hybrid Theory is an awesome nu metal album, A Thousand Suns is an awesome electronic rock album. Both are Linkin Park albums. No problems with that.
    is it me or they want real guitar player... tom morello, daron malakian are great players compare to Brad lol
    The difference between Brad's skills and their ones are not so big. Brad can do the same stuff as them.
    I'm not really a fan but I'm pretty interested because of the guests
    The album after this needs to be a sequel to Meteora. Surely it can't be too soon for requests?
    "Overrated Guitarist Contributes Sounds That Are Deemed Music To An Overhyped Band's Latest Lack Luster Release" Gawd really wish UG proof reads this sh*t before posting them as the headlines....
    Linkin park are stupid. Noctvrnal Bloodkvlt is real metal and everybody should listen to those guys.
    Smiling Alien
    ^ The only right comment about LP on UG.
    Guys my opinion and personal preferences are so much cooler than yours, now let me tell you about it on an internet music website.
    I'm about to argue with you over the internet about which band is better, by comparing seemingly impossible statistics that are just actually just opinions, god dammit.
    Isn't celebrating opinions what most of the Internet is? Besides I got into a lot of the bands I listen to because someone said "X band is better than Y band". Gotta be open minded.
    I love how when they first released Guilty All the Same they swore that Rakim was the only guest on the album. I'm psyched about the guests but find it funny how they said that just a couple months back.
    Yea, Mike said there were no other features and Chester then said the exact opposite. I think Mike was talking about rappers though, and I still don't think we know if Daron and Page are providing vocals.
    I for some reason got an avenged sevenfold vibe off guilty all the same (minus the rap part). Good Song.
    I honestly think that Rage is the most badass band to ever exist... but Morello's collaborations and projects have been so questionable lately. Eh, whatever floats his boat I guess. At least we get to hear him play some more!