Tool Confirm Returning to Work on New Album

The latest tour might have even sped up the album process, the report reads.

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As Tool got back from their latest US tour, the official March newsletter was posted on their website, noting that the trek might have even sped up the album process.

"With the latest mini-tour now a thing of the past, members of the band will continue working on material for their next record after taking a short break in order to unpack and sort through their mail," the webmaster kicked off.

"I say 'continue' because - contrary to those who thought that the tour would only further delay the writing process - with all four band members together during sound checks, catering, etc, I'm fairly certain that they spent a considerable portion of that time experimenting with new tunes. In which case, the tour might have actually sped things up a bit. But then again, this snifter of cognac is half full...

"Besides writing and arranging new songs, there is one other Tool project that was in the works prior to the tour that I will update you on should I hear anything (Yep, the so-called 'curve ball.') Likewise with another item of interest to both Tool fans and drummers in general that I will post in the news section once I receive more details," the report continued.

"As far as I know, there is nothing else to report at this time except that Danny will be performing with Volto! at the Mint here in L.A. on Saturday, April 19th. Prior to that he will be playing his gig with the Webb Allstars at the Baked Potato in Studio City on Sunday, April 6."

The rest of the newsletter features detailed reports from the tour, you can check it out here.

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    I still to this day believe that there is nothing more patient than a Tool fan... my unborn child will have kids when the album after this comes out
    My unconceived children will have kids before this is out. I'll be long dead before Half Life 3 comes out. GabeN will be our cyborg-ruler when that rolls around.
    We need a follow up to the last one.. I remember the day it came out... We were getting used to fire.. That one guy had invented this weird round thing he called a "wheel"..good times. Oh no wait.. That's when we first heard that they'd started recording a new one.
    After seeing these guys live 5-6 times, getting to meet them after their 1997 gig, to now playing guitar in a TooL cover band, this news is a double edged sword.....more complicated songs to learn, but damn cannot wait for new material!!!
    Remember when bands used to release a cd every year? I realize that it might not be as profitable anymore, but this is just lazy.
    Don't; The story on the other side is Korn gearing up to go into the studio, after releasing 3 albums since 2010, with barely a smatter of decent tunes between them.. 3 or 4 decent tracks out of 45 is what you get when you release an album every year... (Maybe we can agree on a middle ground; every 3 years???)
    I always thought 2-3 years between a record is best the time. Too short and the quality suffers and too long and you risk releasing an album in a music landscape that has changed too much. For example, Chinese Democracy sounded like it belonged in 1999.
    Like how the quality suffered on Black Sabbaths fitst 5 albums. Waiting doesn't lead to good albums, it just leads to more delays. Not that i think Tool is just sitting around. But Korn would probably release mediocre album regardless of how many breaks they take (Though, didn't people praise the new one?).
    You wouldn't say that if you realized the immense amount of work and polish Tool puts into their albums.
    I have been waiting for this ablum for so long, the excitement I feel is so overwhelming that I won't even know what to do when it finally is released. I would probably have so much anxiety from waiting for this album for the past forever that I probably won't even listen to it, maybe I will just stare at it.
    I want it... but man do I wish Necrophagist was working
    Yea ive been waiting for a new album since... what... 2005 I think? Its been so long. Are they still playing those same few songs or not touring at all?
    10,000 Days was 2006, but yeah. Long ass time. I had an opportunity to see them this year, but I saw them in 2006, and I want new material before I go to another show.
    Something for drummers? Fingers are crossed for a transcription book. Yeah, you can find it all on UG, but there's something nice about having [i]the proper transcription
    Maynard was like "that demo ****ing sucked, you stupid *******s get back to the drawing board and bring me something like the 90s stuff"
    I seriously don't think the album will ever be released, and I'm thankful for the 4 studio we were given. If another album comes out, great, that'll be a bonus. But I've stopped following the "imminent release" news articles.
    It's gonna be worth it, rather them perfect it than rush it. Gonna be the last one. might as well put out a live dvd with it
    What?!?!?!? Studio time?!?!? No more stomping on grapes for you Maynard!