Tool Finish Mastering New Album

Tool's brand-new album was reportedly mastered on Tuesday, January 31 at Gateway Mastering Studios in Portland, Maine by Bob Ludwig.

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According to a posting at, Tool's brand-new album was mastered on Tuesday, January 31 at Gateway Mastering Studios in Portland, Maine by Bob Ludwig. The members of the band were present during the mastering, according to a posting on the site.

Tool's first CD since 2001's "Lateralus" is tentatively scheduled for release in late April or early May. A video directed by guitarist Adam Jones is also said to be in the works, with members of the band preparing to embark on an an international press tour for the new effort. Photos taken during the recording of the LP, which were posted on Jones' online blog, showed that Queens Of The Stone Age's Josh Homme, Melvins guitarist King Buzzo and ISIS frontman Aaron Turner had stopped into the studio during the sessions. It's not yet known whether the guests will appear on the album.

As previously reported, Tool have been confirmed for the seventh edition of the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, which will take over the small desert town of Indio, California on April 29 and 30. The band is one of the first acts to be confirmed for this year's Roskilde Festival, set to take place June 29 ? July 2 in Roskilde, Denmark. It was also reported by Norwegian national TV channel TV2 that Tool will play Norway's Quart festival in early July. Both the Roskilde and Quart performances are likely to be part of a European festival tour in the summer.

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    mustiebalzak wrote: As long as it doesn't have Josh Homme on it I'll buy the ablum.
    As long as it has Josh Homme on it I'll buy the album.
    ^He only does that live with A Perfect Circle. And it's just for effect. This album's going to be amazing; it can't not be.
    Spade_SanosukeX wrote: Mik3_D wrote: Please dont let it suck. It's Tool. It wont suck.
    tool are ****ing amzing, there so unique and wondrful in their music, and incredably strong vocaly, the songer is called maynard btw. lamfat, and no its not gay, as shadow says its for effect in apc, and its its amazing, having seen them live myself. i cant wait for the new album, there last ones have been incredible, best of luck to them... and **** u all who say tool are shit
    Lambfat wrote: Tool is just downright gay and maybe u should pull the singer out of the curtains and teach him not to be scared singing in front of people
    And the flaming shall begin
    awesome, adam jones is one of my favorite guitarists, this is a dream come true, been waiting for a new tool album i wonder how many there will end up being.. could this be the last one? Not that they have mentioned that or easoned that, but one has to wonder. By their normal record release rate, will the next one be out in 2011?
    ^Matisyahu was sweet when i saw them at Allgood when i was on mushrooms, sucked when i listened to them at home I can't wait though for tool, been way too long
    Gaah. I want to go to that Fest. Tool, Coheed and Cambria, and Matisyahu all on the same stage.
    well Tool is a genius band. and im gonna see that genius band at coachella beetches!!! and yes this album will rule all.
    Scourge441 wrote: Aenima=fantasti c album Lateralus=fantasti c album. This one is gonna own.
    ya forgot: Undertow=fanta stic album Opiate=fantastic album.
    Zaq Bish
    According to, there are no guests on this album. Why would there be? The only guest on a Tool album was Henry Rollins on Undertow, and that was 13 years ago.
    I can't ****ing believe that noone's mentioned the isis frontman yet. Isis are ****ing amazing, and if he's contributing to the next tool album, which ive been waiting for for years, then i think i just came my pants.
    I can't ****ing believe that noone's mentioned the isis frontman yet. Isis are ****ing amazing, and if he's contributing to the next tool album, which ive been waiting for for years, then i think i just came my pants.
    ^ Wow, just wow. How do you not know who tool is? Check them out as soon as you can, 'cause there one if not the best band around today. Try listening to songs like Third Eye, Lateralus, Disposition, Reflection and Triad. That should get you started. Or check out or
    First of all, allareone, I didn't buy that he had aids. I should say that when i said "how do you know he has aids?" that that was meant to have a sarcastic who the **** do you think you are tone to it. I generally don't buy anything that is said about tool unless it comes from tool themselves, and even then it can't always be taken seriously. All I wanted to know was WHY chadhack thought maynard has hiv. He must've heard it somewhere. Anyway, I really hope Josh Homme isn't on the new album. Don't get me wrong, QOTSA rock but Josh has a totally different sound than maynard. Josh's voice doesn't have as much sorrow in it as maynards does and thats why i love maynards voice so much. ~We are eternal all this pain is an illusion~ ^Love that line!
    Tool, one of the best bands of the times, rock on u crazy *****s... ummm yummy crack hahahaha
    if maynard has hiv then danny carey is a lachrymologist. tool owns all of you. and opiate is the best demo iv'e heard in my fu cking life. "i had a friend once he took some acid, now he thinks he's a fire truck" thats right chadhack you heard it here first maynard has a friend whos a firetruck...hahahahaha
    you are missing the point. I highly doubt he has HIV. THINK FOR YOURSELF! don't feed into the bullshit! The real news is the new tool goodness!
    Can't friggin wait for the new album. OH and Chadhack, how do you know that maynard is hiv positive?
    FINALLY SOME NEW TOOL THAT IS AMAZING. I love tool man this band is one of the most amazing bands ever.I am generally a punk person but this band is soo amazing its like woah. For all those tool fans out there go give this cd a check. Third Eye Open(its a string orchestra tribute to tool that will blow your mind especially the cover of the patient. Nah but this band has done no wrong. Salival AMAZING. OPIAPTE FRIGGIN AWESOME. Undertow MIND BLOWING. AEnima LIFE CHANGING. Lateralus PERFECT. Hopefully they could stick to it. My humble opinion though was apc mer de noms was a better cd than most of tools just for the one reason that up to now i cant say that there is one song that i cant listen to over and over again from that cd while some of tools songs tend to draw on a bit long.OH WELL STILL LOVE EM. On a side not anyone knows anything bout maynards health caz i know he has hiv but how bad has it gotten and is this why they decided to realease a new album before he got too sick to sing out any more
    They keep getting better and better with each album. So this one shall rock my socks off, so to speak.
    I think I pooed a little. I have no idea what that means really. But I am a happy monkey I must say.
    Yeah! tool rocks maynard is a genius with tool and a perfect circle the last album lateralus was so awesome good.