Tool Give New Album Update: 'We're Still in the Writing Mode'

artist: Tool date: 04/30/2013 category: new releases
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Tool Give New Album Update: 'We're Still in the Writing Mode'
Tool fans have been pulling their hair out in anticipation of the new release for quite some time now. With over seven years since the art metallers' last studio release, it seems like forever since we got to hear something new from the infamous four-piece. And it looks like the wait continues. In a recent Rip it Up interview, drummer Danny Carey was as unspecific about the new album as usual. Although he did admit that the band is now working regularly, Carey made it clear that the band is "still in the writing mode." The drummer started the chat on an optimistic note, saying, "We've been working pretty regularly; Adam's been coming in with lots of stuff to: we're knocking it out slowly but surely. We're all excited about it." However, the follow-up statement was not really something fans were yearning to hear. "We are really just in a rehearsal space at this point, we never really get into a proper studio until everything is completely written, then we book time and knock out the recording process as quickly as possible," Carey said. "So we're still like in the writing mode. So we're in the rehearsal space here, so we start our rehearsals playing through the old songs to get the cobwebs out of those: we have a gig coming up, then we start working on the new things. So that works out OK, that way." The interview then took a turn towards what the interviewer has described as "the 'Lateralus' of this album," or the "big song that's going to define the whole record." The drummer commented that although it is still in the works, the major track will have "a big trilogy type of feel to it" and is likely to last well over 20 minutes when completed. "We're still believe it or not! still working on it [laughter] it's like an ever-evolving thing, it's probably going to turn into a thing that's like, uh, a big trilogy type of feel to it, sort of life, just like 'Disposition' and 'Intension' and 'Triad,' like on the 'Lateralus' record or something. It will probably be over a 20-minute piece when it's all finished, so it will be a good part of the record. We're dealing with it in sections, but it's coming together really well, we're having lots of fun working on it, that's for sure." The band also seems to be waiting for frontman Maynard James Keenan, who is "busy with his wine and other projects," so it's just "little bits and pieces" for now. "Maynard deals with the lyrical content, when he comes in and does more of his treatment. He's been pretty busy with his wine and other projects lately, but right now its just Justin and Adam and I working on things and uh, you know, little bits and pieces, lots of musical things, I've been playing lots of fusiony and jazz stuff lately with a band called Volto! and playing with some old jazz cats at the 'Baked Potato' here in town, it's like a famous jazz club here. I've been trying to get lots of new musical input into my system so I can have new influences popping out in that way, more than in a lyrical way." Recently described as the "biggest project of their lives," the "10.000 Days" follow-up will obviously take as long as it needs, but the group has made it very clear that "putting out something that sucks just to put it out" is not an option.
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