Tool Mark Debut Album Anniversary With A Special Release

artist: Tool date: 02/26/2013 category: new releases
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Tool Mark Debut Album Anniversary With A Special Release
With the anticipation for the new studio release higher than ever, art metallers Tool have decided to focus on marking the 21st anniversary of their debut album "Opiate". And what better way to do so than a handcrafted, limited edition release. The "Opiate" anniversary edition will be available on March 26 via band's official website and is limited to only 5,000 copies. The release format is currently unknown, but according to the group's announcement, there will be no pre-orders. The reissue will feature art direction by Adam Jones, illustrations by Adi Granov and design packaging by Mackie Osborne, who has previously collaborated with the band on several of their albums, including "10.000 Days", "Lateralus" and "Salival". The 5,000 series is reportedly being broken into five 1,000 runs with each one having different exterior design and bonus items. As far as the new release goes, bassist Justin Chancelor has recently described it as the "biggest project of their lives", adding up more anticipation to already impatient fans. So what do you think about the "Opiate" reissue? Will you be checking it out or are you just looking for a new album from these guys? Let us know in the comments section below.
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