Tool Post Album Update, Confirm 'At Least Three Band Members' Are Taking a Writing Break

Did Maynard finally get some music to work on?

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A fresh update on Tool's new album writing process recently surfaced via official website, hinting that the band's instrumental section might have finally wrapped up their work on a lengthy "epic piece" and handed it over to singer Maynard James Keenan to deliver the lyrical part. The webmaster's update kicks off by noting that "one could hazard a guess that something rather positive must have occurred to warrant last week's leisurely break by at least three band members. "But then while checking out last year's newsletter for November, I was immediately struck with a sense of deja vu!" the post continues. "It suddenly seemed that even if the song still remained near completion, several of the guys were going to step away from it for a while." The report then discusses specific leisure activities the instrumental section had, just to focus on Keenan. "Which brings us to Maynard. No armadillo eggs, Yorkshire pudding or crimson jobfish. Zymurgical pursuits aside, the self-admitted world-class multi-tasker probably has all kinds of things going on with his various musical projects, including, perhaps, working on some lengthy, complex new Tool song..." During a recent Rolling Stone chat, Keenan described the new album writing as a "long, tedious process," expressing impatience about getting the musical parts to work on from the rest of the band. "I don't write the music. They write the music," he said. "I wait for them to bring music to me. They tend to go back over and over stuff. It's a long process. For a person like me, it can be a very tedious process." Does it seem like things are finally shaping up in the Tool workroom? Let us know in the comments.

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    I honestly don't believe anything Tool release as news updates cause half of them are false anyway designed to either fool the reader or mislead them in order to maintain secrecy concerning their progress or privacy over themselves. I'll just wait for the announcement that the album is ready for release
    Makes me wonder just how epic this song they keep talking about is going to be. 20 minutes? 30 minutes? Half the album? More?
    Moonsorrow already did the two-song-album thing, just sayin'
    I don't see how that's relative, tons of bands have done single song albums. Does Mike Oldfield ring a bell?
    So? I didn't say they were going to be the first to do it. Hell, Jethro Tull has a one-song album.
    I don't see how that's relative, tons of bands have done single song albums. Does Mike Oldfield ring a bell?
    Allmost every Tool album has been like this , we would be reading all kind of news for at least 5 years and then one day the Miracle happens. also I received a Tool tshirt while reading the article lol .
    I love the way these guys operate. I hate hearing "we tracked it in x month and recorded during x and it'll be out x day. It's super broots and heavy and blah blah blah." Tool's brand of hype doesn't spoil it if it really sucks. ...which we all know it won't. Patience is a virtue!
    I wish we could at least get some kind of teaser.. Oh well, progress is still good news!
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    I discovered tool only shortly after the release of the pot. I was lucky that since 2006 i have had the rest of the tool catalogue as well as APC and Puscifer to discover. Alas those days of discovery ended long ago after the tool binging and seeing the live show 3 times. I am now eagerly awaiting my first ever Tool album release and it is agonizing. Imagine the pressure they're feeling though.
    I got into Tool when they released their single "Stinkfist" before their Aenima release. Then the album came out, and you would think I'd be used to the time it takes them to come out with an album, but each time they seem to make it longer and longer each time around. That mixed with them being so secretive it is hard for me to stay interested in this band and difficult for me to enjoy them. If it wasn't for the quality of their music I would have said "f**k this band" a while back ago.
    I got into Tool when Undertow came out, 20 years and 3 albums later.. I've been waiting for a Tool album for more than two thirds of my life
    I got into them about a year or two before 10,000 Days came out, so I was lucky enough to catch the tail end of that wait; aka the most exciting part.
    All these updates gives me an idea: Let's make it a race. Who will release an album fisrt: Tool or Slayer!
    I'd say include Metallica in that race, but I figured that it's pointless since we all know they wouldn't win.
    Love tool, but really getting tired of these 4 to 5 year waits between records,Just no need... So whens it's out it's out no big deal...
    I think the album is out there hidden somewhere. Could be in space, the middle of the Sahara or on Bebo or something, who knows.
    It will be completed. People just need to practice a little patience. Tool remain one of the last "mysterious" bands left. I believe I said this exact same thing on here before 10,000 Days released. The wait is always worth it when it comes to Maynard, Adam, Justin & Danny. Always.