Tool Working On New Album

artist: Tool date: 10/27/2011 category: new releases
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Tool Working On New Album
Tool singer Maynard James Keenan confirmed the band are busy writing their next album - but he's staying well out the way until the music is finished. It continues their tradition of Keenan finishing the tracks with his vocal parts while the band crack on with their mathematical composition wizardry. "I'm allowing them their space to do what they do," he told The Pulse Of Radio. Keenan said he is writing potential lyrics to the album, but nothing is confirmed until he finally hears the music. Tool are famous for the long intervals between album releases, typically taking up to five years to complete each record. With 2011 drawing to a close, and their last album "10,000 Days" released five years ago in 2006, fans are wondering if the next album is nearing completion. Keenan, however, made sure to stifle these wishes. "Even if [the band] told me how close they are to being done, I couldn't tell you because if I say 60 percent people will start counting down," he said. "They write forever and then we go in and knock it all out." Tool fans will be sorry to hear that future tours will be shorter than they have come to expect. "Physically, I can't do it, so that's not gonna happen," Keenan said. "We will tour, but it won't be the old-school dog-and-pony show of eight months of beating yourself to death." He went on to say that he doesn't mind which of his high-profile projects get the songs he writes. "It doesn't really matter. No things are designated one way or the other, just whatever ends up coming up in the conversations with those musicians is what it ends up being." Meanwhile, his side project Puscifer sold 12,000 copies of its second album "Conditions Of My Parole" upon release last week, according to Blabbermouth. It entered the Billboard chart at number 27.
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