Tool Working On The 'Biggest Project Of Their Lives'

artist: Tool date: 02/18/2013 category: new releases
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Tool Working On The 'Biggest Project Of Their Lives'
It seems that Tool simply can't miss the news headlines these days. With fans anticipating the new album for almost seven years now, it's no wonder that every bit of information regarding the new release is highly wanted. The band has recently left fans in somewhat of a state of confusion with various contradicting statements regarding the new album release date. At first, frontman Maynard James Keenan went on to dismiss any chances for a new release during the current year. The vocalist's statement was followed by drummer Danny Carey giving us some hope for the 2013 release back and the singer finally going a step further saying there are no actual new songs written yet. And now it seems the time has come for the bassist Justin Chancellor to step in. Despite not saying anything about the release date, the bassist has recently described the band's work on the new album. And it would appear it is just the thing fans need to hear. "We're currently involved in the biggest project of our lives", the bassist tells TimeOut. Such a statement is most likely bound to set the fans' blood pumping, leaving them yearning for more. But if the new album truly is the biggest Tool release yet, it is probably well worth the wait. The band will be touring Australia during April and May, as well as support Black Sabbath at this year's Ozzfest in Japan. So this is some pretty good news, right? If the album is that big, it has to be worth the wait. Or do you think that waiting for at least 8 years is simply too much? Let us know in the comments section below.
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