Tool Working On The 'Biggest Project Of Their Lives'

Bassist Justin Chancellor briefly describes the band's work on the new album.

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It seems that Tool simply can't miss the news headlines these days. With fans anticipating the new album for almost seven years now, it's no wonder that every bit of information regarding the new release is highly wanted.

The band has recently left fans in somewhat of a state of confusion with various contradicting statements regarding the new album release date. At first, frontman Maynard James Keenan went on to dismiss any chances for a new release during the current year.

The vocalist's statement was followed by drummer Danny Carey giving us some hope for the 2013 release back and the singer finally going a step further saying there are no actual new songs written yet.

And now it seems the time has come for the bassist Justin Chancellor to step in. Despite not saying anything about the release date, the bassist has recently described the band's work on the new album. And it would appear it is just the thing fans need to hear.

"We're currently involved in the biggest project of our lives", the bassist tells TimeOut.

Such a statement is most likely bound to set the fans' blood pumping, leaving them yearning for more. But if the new album truly is the biggest Tool release yet, it is probably well worth the wait.

The band will be touring Australia during April and May, as well as support Black Sabbath at this year's Ozzfest in Japan.

So this is some pretty good news, right? If the album is that big, it has to be worth the wait. Or do you think that waiting for at least 8 years is simply too much? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    Best push-pull technique in history. In reality, Tool are just teaching us how to deal with women.
    Its a 3 disc dubstep reinterpretation of their classics, as done by shitty basement DJs. The 3rd disc will feature exclusively, 8 different remixes of "schism" Produced by Bob Rock, also featuring Lar's snare off of St. Anger. It will cost more then the combined amount it took to make "chinese democracy" and will also have a 30 man didgeridoo section.
    In all seriousness I would actually love to see what Tool could do with a 30 man didgeridoo section...
    Maybe they are painting the inside of one of their houses. Or building some playground equipment for their kids.
    You may be right, "the biggest project of their lives" doesn't necessarily mean an album; it'd be quite unfortunate if that's the case however hehe.
    Yesterday: Tool has "no real songs written" for new album Today: Tool's new album is the "biggest project of our lives" Now I'm really confused.
    That's how Maynard wants it...
    What We've got here is failure to communicate. Some men you just can't reach. That's how Maynard wants it... Well he gets it! I don't like it anymore then you men.
    Tool is my favorite band. Cool Hand Luke is my favorite movie. I just made an account purely to plus 1 this comment and tell you I love you.
    He never said an album was the biggest project of their lives. Just that there is a "project." They might both be telling the truth. But I feel like brain cells are wasted trying to figure this out. It's hard being patient.
    I know. I'm already killing brain cells trying to analyze QOTSA's "cryptic letters", and this is going to break the camel's back. Let's just all sit back and agree that awesome music will be coming out soon.
    "the bassist has recently described the band's work on the new album. And it would appear it is just the thing fans need to hear. "We're currently involved in the biggest project of our lives", the bassist tells TimeOut."
    Yeah but they always do this when albums come out (or don't come out). They're the most mysterious band when it comes to writing and releasing records. I wouldn't be surprised if they don't release the album for another 2 years. I've learned to not hold my breath after all these years of being a fan.
    Good to know they're recovering from their scooter accidents.
    I'm guessing this big project might have something to do with all of the live recordings they made during their long career and putting that out in some crazy big box set. Or the new album might become a double album or something. Either way I'm very happy!
    a double album seems pretty possible because i heard on the radio, or maybe the internet idk, that they are doing a 20 minute song. so if that is true then i could see a double album. either way, this makes me way more excited for this album. maybe adam will say something revealing soon..or maybe he'll mind **** us.
    I really hope they announce a double album, that would seriously make up for all these years. Imagine a double album with tool.. It would truly be magnificent!
    Tomorrows Headline: "Next Tool album will be released next week!"
    Headline of the following day: "No songs have been written and two band members get attacked by crocodiles"
    Soon enough... Breaking News: "Paul D'Amour Working With Tool Again!" and one even slightly more realstic, but not really... This Just In: "Adam Jones on QOTSA's New Album"
    Maynard's just ****ing with people's minds, he's done it before with jokes about him "finding Jesus and giving up Tool" the year before 10,000 Days was released, so I would just take Maynard's interviews as attempts at trying to subvert any over-hyping around the next album.
    Tomorrow's headline: Maynard says Tool working on most insignificant project of their lives. Says the enigmatic frontman, "Its really just a few demos of Adam Jones tuning his guitar while I sing some old lyrics. Its very underwhelming, we really spent no time on it all." Asked later if Maynard enjoys pissing off his fans he replied, "I thought you were supposed to piss off fans...I guess I've been doing this wrong."
    Something's coming. We know from the many years they spend silent that when they say something, they mean to say something.
    theyre totally just screwing around with people, so nobody knows what to expect. its incredibly frustrating but at the same time pretty exciting because you just have this feeling something is right around the corner. but god damnit it wanna know what it is now!
    Its been so long, this is some of the best music news Ive heard since yesterday when UG told me they haven't done anything yet. Seriously though, A Tool album would be a great addition to the 2013 music catalog
    When they release another album, people will be holding the physical copy and wondering if it's actually real
    makin the longest ever recording of "theeeres a hole in the bottom of the sea"
    Not add fuel to the fire, but this statement is included on their website announcement about their upcoming live performances.... "Don't miss the multi-sensory experience that is a performance by groundbreaking musicians Tool. With anticipation high and the promise of one of the first tastes of their much-awaited upcoming album, tickets will not last long!" Could it be?
    Good Ol' Ramos
    Not only am I discovering more and more good bands, the bigger names are doing good things, too. Tool with this, QOTSA is coming out with something, Coheed is on a roll... now is a good time for rock.
    Nothing more agitating than unnecessary drama. You're either making an album or you're not, it's not that hard. And I like Tool, but this is ridiculous. They should start a reality TV show because they'd be damn good at it.
    Despite being really excited for a new Tool album, I find these almost-daily comments rather amusing to be honest. They can take as much time as they want, I know it will be worth the wait.
    Enough! Just release a new album already! I can't take anymoooorrrrreeeee!!!!!
    I can't wait for the release, I'm sure it be epic. I love tool, no other band can create a unique tension like this.
    Draining patience, drain vitality. This paranoid, paralyzed vampire act's a little old. I'm gonna wait it out.
    If the whole conflicting stories thing is not a media stunt, then they are worrying disjointed. This is like the Led Zeppelin of this generation.
    Where exactly does he say that "The biggest project of out lives" is an album? it might be a Documentar, or god knows what. good going UG.
    Danjo's Guitar
    Who down voted this? All of the other people have said "We're doing stuff" and journalists have jumped to the conclusion thats its an album. Maynard could be confusing people just for fun, but "no actual songs written" could mean they're doing something that doesn't have to do with new material. It could be anything really.
    I guess everybody is just 100% sure of it without having any proof, somehow :
    Danny had an interview with a radio station here and New Zealand and said they were working on a new album
    I'm putting tool right up there with Wintersun in terms of not getting their **** together and being able to release an album
    "We're currently involved in the biggest project of our lives" well, duh, this is obviously referencing the band itself - Tool is the biggest project of their lives and he's merely saying it's an ongoing project. They're just playing with the media - building hype. This thing will be out some time before 2k14, I suspect.
    I'm pretty sure that I read this little bit of news sometime last week, or earlier...
    Tool = one of the greatest band on the planet. can't wait for the new album.
    aaaahhhhh I'm so happy to have tickets to both Tool shows in New Zealand shows!! As well as Black Sabbath a few weeks before!
    First of all, they haven't waited 8 years. They took a hiatus for the majority of that time and just started thinking about it probably 6 months ago.
    Mike Quall
    Tool is a lot like chick's, they lead you on and than F*** you over in the end.... until the album actually comes out