Tool's New Album to Be Released as Downloadable Content in Half-Life 3, Band Hints at 2016 Release

artist: Tool date: 04/02/2014 category: new releases
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Tool's New Album to Be Released as Downloadable Content in Half-Life 3, Band Hints at 2016 Release
UPDATE: Happy Fool's Day!

The latest Tool announcement is bound to strike you as a double edged sword, since the band has officially confirmed that their new album will be released as downloadable content in the massively-anticipated "Half-Life 3" game. However, we might have to wait until 2016 to get our hands on it.

The unexpected fusion was announced during a special Valve press event, with co-founder Gabe Newell explaining how "Tool's unique expression serves as the perfect musical parallel to what we're planning to bring with Half-Life 3."

As Newell further noted, the company opted to include the group's new album in the package to "aid the struggling music industry." In Gabe's words, "the music industry has been seriously struggling for well over a decade now, whereas the gaming business keeps blooming.

"The statistics say it all - fans are willing to spend a significant amount of money to buy video games, but are way pickier when it comes to music. We did some research, and it turns out that they wouldn't mind paying additional $20 for a game with a music album included, but would hardly consider buying the album on its own for $20 and would rather download it. Go figure."

Tool's webmaster confirmed the news, noting that the release of the final product might take about two more years, along with a few other interesting hints. "The idea is that some of the songs will also be featured during the game, so in order for them to fit perfectly with the HL3 environment, adjustments will be made on both sides. The guys got really inspired with the whole concept and already started working on three new songs.

"From what I understood, the project will be postponed for about two years, but should result in the most amazing fusion of music and gaming ever. I can't really say much at the moment, keep up with the website updates for more info," the webmaster concluded.

Back to the Valve event, Newell dropped another interesting announcement, confirming that drummer Danny Carey was already "listed as one of the voice actors." As Gabe explained, "some of you might know that Danny was one of the voice actors in 'Free Birds' last year. The guy really has a talent for everything, so we figured we might as well use him on this one."

Without revealing any details, Newell also hinted that singer Maynard James Keenan might be featured as one of the game's NPCs. "Maynard's just such a unique person, he's perfect for a boss battle or maybe even the new G-Man! I'm just throwing ideas here, but we're definitely thinking in that direction," he said.

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