Travis Record 20 Songs For New Album

Scotish britpop band Travis have recorded 20 songs for their follow-up album to 2003's '12 Memories.'

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According to, Scotish band Travis has recorded 20 songs for their follow-up album to 2003's "12 Memories."

Producer Nigel Godrich is again working with the band at the Hospital recording studio, bass player Dougie Payne told fans.

On Travis' official website, the band's bass player Dougie Payne said: "We're working in a place called The Hospital. The studio is in a building that houses a members club, two restaurants a TV studio and most dangerously of all a martini bar.

"Thankfully the studio part is on the top floor, nicely separated from all the temptations. We've got about 20 songs recorded. This includes stuff we did in Westside earlier in the year and one tune goes back to the sessions we did with Eno last December.

"We've got two weeks in here this time around and reckon most of the time will be spent finishing off those things that need more work but we decided to start off the session with trying a new song.

"This is one written by our friend Suzie Hugg. We've recorded a couple of her songs before (Reason and Unbelievers were both B-Sides a few of years ago). She is a great writer."

At the Hospital recording studio producer Nigel Godrich is again working with the band.

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    ph..the band travie..I thought they meant Travis Barker and were talking about Plus 44's new cd.....any news on that anyone???
    w00t. an awesome awesome band. id love to hear a bside album from them though
    There`s another scottish band called Garbage,they should swap names.