Trent Reznor Side-Project Details Leak

artist: How to Destroy Angels date: 10/11/2012 category: new releases
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Trent Reznor Side-Project Details Leak
The title and tracklist of Trent Reznor's new album with side project How To Destroy Angels appears to have leaked ahead of its release in 2013. The leak was made by a careless Last.Fm user who "scrobbled" the tracks to its service which tracks listening habits, according to Antiquiet. The user named Blank667 tracked songs from the EP but also eight more songs which are believed to be from the forthcoming album. A fan alerted Rob Sheridan from the band which led to the account being closed, but not before the possible album title "Welcome Oblivion" and full tracklist was revealed. With the album still months from release, these details could be subject to change (if true at all), but here they are: "Welcome Oblivion" tracklist: 01. Keep It Together 02. The Wake-Up 03. Too Late, All Gone 04. We Fade Away 05. Recursive Self-Improvement 06. Hallowed Ground 07. And the Sky Began to Scream 08. Ice Age 09. On the Wing 10. How Long? 11. The Loop Closes 12. Strings and Attractors The group which includes collaborator Atticus Ross will release the EP "An Omen" on November 13, with the album to follow in early 2013. Hear the preview song "Keep It Together" here:
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