Trent Reznor Side-Project Details Leak

A clumsy user has accidentally posted all the details for forthcoming releases by "How To Destroy Angels" online - but not before we caught the details.

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The title and tracklist of Trent Reznor's new album with side project How To Destroy Angels appears to have leaked ahead of its release in 2013.

The leak was made by a careless Last.Fm user who "scrobbled" the tracks to its service which tracks listening habits, according to Antiquiet. The user named Blank667 tracked songs from the EP but also eight more songs which are believed to be from the forthcoming album.

A fan alerted Rob Sheridan from the band which led to the account being closed, but not before the possible album title "Welcome Oblivion" and full tracklist was revealed.

With the album still months from release, these details could be subject to change (if true at all), but here they are:

"Welcome Oblivion" tracklist:

01. Keep It Together 02. The Wake-Up 03. Too Late, All Gone 04. We Fade Away 05. Recursive Self-Improvement 06. Hallowed Ground 07. And the Sky Began to Scream 08. Ice Age 09. On the Wing 10. How Long? 11. The Loop Closes 12. Strings and Attractors

The group which includes collaborator Atticus Ross will release the EP "An Omen" on November 13, with the album to follow in early 2013.

Hear the preview song "Keep It Together" here:

YouTube preview picture

What do you think of the preview track? Share your opinion in the comments.

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    I liked the EP they put out a couple of years ago. I'm definitely looking forward to hearing this.
    Agreed. It seems to me that this was blown a little out of proportion. The title of the album and track list mean virtually nothing without the music. Also Trent has to be the master at generating buzz about his music, I would not be surprised at all to learn this account was actually him
    Is it me or does anybody else think the music he does with his wife sucks ass. Most musicians have great side projects to rival their original bands: Stonesour, The Raconteurs, The Dead Weathers were ok, MD .45, Phil Collins solo project, A Perfect Circle, Puscifer, the list goes on but Trent needs to go back to NIN.
    Well thats an entirely subjective view. I personally think this is pretty cool. Seems like a lot of people do. But hey, if you don't like it don't buy the album
    So what if the track titles were leaked? They can just post a studio update or stream a track like Deftones have been doing to generate interest before the release.
    "Welcome Oblivion". That's a great album title. Why didn't I think of that?
    I would have liked to hear more dynamics throughout the song, but despite that, it's still pretty good. I really like her voice. There's something about it that kinda gives me goose bumps.
    I don't indulge romantic collaborations, because they rarely last, which means if you like the album, you will be left wanting mpre. Also, what are the odds that two people in love will also be talented musicians who have good chemistry?