Trent Reznor To 'Find Songwriting Voice' With Nine Inch Nails

artist: Nine Inch Nails date: 01/16/2012 category: new releases
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Trent Reznor To 'Find Songwriting Voice' With Nine Inch Nails
2012 is already shaping up to be quite a year for Trent Reznor. Starting with the release of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo soundtrack, Reznor has also hinted that 2012 will see the debut album from his side project band How To Destroy Angels and new material from Nine Inch Nails. With regard to the direction of the new NIN record, the musician has made some allusive comments to "I'm going to be writing for Nine Inch Nails this year... [I don't] have any particular goal in mind other than... my voice as a songwriter feels like it needs to speak up or at least work out a little bit to not atrophy. I think I have something to say that feels unique to who I am right now, and that's when it tells me it's time to do something." According to Reznor, there were initial doubts as to whether the project would be branded as Nine Inch Nails at all: "At the moment it's going to live in the Nine Inch Nails column, for a few reasons. I enjoy the challenge of moving that kind of brand forward, that identity, shaping it to who I am now instead of who I was a few years ago when I last left off... It's all kind of hypothetical right now. When I sit down with a notebook and a little mini-recorder is when my bluff will be called, and then it might not happen at all." With the return of Nine Inch Nails being in such early stages at the moment, there's been no talk yet as to how the new record might be released. Nine Inch Nails last album, The Slip, was available as a free digital download back in 2008.
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