Trent Reznor Working On New Queens Of The Stone Age Song With Josh Homme

The Nine Inch Nails man is 'helping out' on the rock band's sixth album.

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Trent Reznor has revealed that he is working on a song for the forthcoming new Queens Of The Stone Age album.

The Nine Inch Nails man broke the news earlier today on Reddit, saying that one of his current projects was: "helping Josh out on a new QOTSA track".

Dave Grohl will also be lending a hand on the sixth Queens Of The Stone Age LP. The Foo Fighters frontman is filling in for drummer Joey Castillo, who has left the band according to Homme.

During Trent Reznor's online Q&A, he also confirmed that he would be touring with Nine Inch Nails next year, writing: "cryptic additional comment: 2013".

He said (via NME) he was currently "starting rehearsals for two bands", Nine Inch Nails and also his other project How To Destroy Angels, who will be releasing their debut album in 2013.

Queens Of The Stone Age will be playing Download Festival for the first ever time next summer. Download Festival will take place from June 14-16 2013 at Donington Park.

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    Very exciting! As it is very difficult to imagine the combination of Reznor, Homme and Grohl, I admire all three artists incredibly, and am more than eager to hear what they'll put out!
    reznor worked with QOTSA on "burn the witch"
    Grohl helped out alot in With_Teeth. I understand that album is highly held as something that isn't too good on Trent's roster, but it is still one of my favorite albums by NIN. The drumming on that album was incredible.
    The song "Era Vulgaris" has reznor doing backing vocals on it. It's incredible. Hearing more of that will make my dick hard for sure!
    dave grohl was the drummer for qotsa joey costillo wass filling for him, just saying Dave Grohl is god yuh know
    Ten years is a long time to fill in. Dave drummed on SFTD and toured it too, but Joey was the official drummer after that until now.
    yeah i just like dave grohl, no hate on mr.costello he does amazing work i think im just shooting the gun a bit early for dave grohl keeping himself busy about as much as trent reznor soo yeah
    You underestimate Mr. Castillo.
    I really love Dave Grohl on drums, and Songs for the Deaf was one of my favorite QOTSA albums, but I'm really sad to see Joey Castillo go. I feel like he really got the chance to let loose on Era Vulgaris, which to me gave it most of the rawness it needed. If Grohl is the guy who gave QOTSA their drum sound, then Castillo is the guy who amped it. Either one in the band makes me happy.