Trent Reznor's How To Destroy Angels Share Debut Album Details

"Welcome Oblivion" is set for release in spring.

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How To Destroy Angels, the current project of Nine Inch Nails man Trent Reznor, will release their debut album "Welcome Oblivion" on March 4.

The album follows the band's 2012 EP "An Omen", and will be released on CD and vinyl, with each version boasting a different track order. There will also be two extra songs on the vinyl version of the record. Scroll down to listen to the single "How Long?".

According to NME, Reznor, his wife Mariqueen Maandig and Rob Sheridan and Atticus Ross, will play live for the first time at California's Coachella Valley Festival of Music and Arts in April.

The "Welcome Oblivion" tracklistings are:


"The Wake-Up" "Keep It Together' "And The Sky Began To Scream" "Welcome Oblivion" "Ice Age" "On The Wing" "Too Late, All Gone" "How Long?" "Strings And Attractors" "We Fade Away" "Recursive Self-Improvement" "The Loop Closes" "Hallowed Ground"


"The Wake-Up" "Keep It Together" "And The Sky Began To Scream' "Ice Age" "Welcome Oblivion" "On The Wing" "Too Late, All Gone" "The Province Of Fear" "How Long?" "Strings And Attractors" "Recursive Self-Improvement" "Unintended Consequences" "We Fade Away" "The Loop Closes" "Hallowed Ground"

Reznor recently revealed that he is to partner with Beats by Dre to set up a new music streaming service called Daisy.

Reznor has also stated that a Nine Inch Nails greatest hits compilation is in the works and it will include two new songs.

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    The video is crrepy as all hell and i love it.
    The video is visually stunning imho. Probably has to do with the lack of color or the environment they filmed it in. Anyways, I love the new song and video!
    More than visuals which are stunning, the story of it and the anthropological concept there really appeal to me.
    I like HDA... Its like NIN with a female lead.
    More like a Trent Reznor production with female vocals.
    Cant wait for this album, Trent cant put out a bad album but all the songs i've heard so far sound very similar to each other
    What a bunch of synthetic autotune CRAP
    trents actually a huge fan of organic over digital. he's part of grohls new sound city documentary. i expect that his use of autotune in this song is actually quite deliberate.
    Have you actually seen Sound City? You see that he's kind of the odd man out and uses digital while everyone else is using analog. He talks about it being important to know the analog basis for the digital technology, but he wouldn't be able to do what he does without digital.
    Typical husband/wife vanity project, pushing a vocalist on us that would not be in the industry otherwise, ala "Blackmores Night". This sounds more Atticus Ross than NIN.
    So theres more songs on the vinyl? that kinda sucks... But aside from that im looking forward to it, hope theres somekind of special edition with all the tracks included, i dont want to miss anything :/.