Trivium Give New Album Update: 'Bigger Melodies, Bigger Hooks, Bigger Riffs'

Bassist Paolo Gregoletto talks upcoming record, praising David Draiman and his production work.

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Bassist Paolo Gregoletto of US metallers Trivium recently took some time to discuss the group's upcoming record "Vengeance Falls" and the experience of working with David Draiman, who was in charge of the production duties on the new album.

During an exclusive Roadrunner Records interview, Gregoletto revealed that the Florida four-piece is looking to take things to a new level, with "bigger melodies, bigger hooks, bigger riffs." As far as the work with Draiman is considered, the bassist had nothing but words of praise for the singer, saying that "he was there for everything."

"He was really hands-on with everything," Gregoletto said. "It was definitely very meticulous, very well organized how he went through attacking every part of a song, whether it was the drums or the guitar parts, bass parts, and finally the vocals, making sure it all fit together really well."

The bassist continued, saying, "He really understood what we've built as a band over the last seven, eight years, and how important it is to really respect all of that and to keep that stuff that's made us Trivium, and just better it - bigger melodies, bigger hooks, bigger riffs, everything."

As far as the record itself goes, the bassist commented: "After going through making 'In Waves' and touring for a whole year, year and a half, we really had the time to figure out what we wanted to do with the next record. Even before we'd gotten with David and started to plan with him, we were trying to get a really concise and clear vision of how we wanted the album to look and how we wanted it to sound, everything."

As the fifth studio effort in the Trivium opus, "In Waves" dropped in August 2011 via Roadrunner Records. With 22,000 units sold within the first week in the US, the record peaked at No. 13 on the Billboard 200 chart.

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    While I'm still hoping for a Shogun-type record again, these guys ALWAYS bring it regardless of what direction the album takes. This is probably my most anticipated for 2013 for sure.
    I personally didnt like in waves much, with Shogun being the album that i favor from them, im not looking for the same album, I just want the same musical effort put into it. Crack the Skye from mastodon for example put more and more work into each album, and The Hunter was in comparison to their others, written real quick. i enjoy the hunter, but it didnt have that touch of precision their other albums did, as in trivium's case shogun i felt really had above the other albums.
    Dont understand the hate, really. BAD metalcore bands: Asking Alexandria, We Came As Romans, Attack Attack!, Like Moths To Flames, and not Trivium.
    I wouldn't even consider them a metalcore band...
    Their first two albums are certainly metalcore, although the others are less clear. I would also say the first two are their best two, although later albums have some of their best songs (To The Rats, Entrance Of The Conflagration, Kirisute Gomen, Insurrection, for example).
    We Came As Romans is actually pretty damn talented if you actually listen to them. But I don't think Trivium is really metalcore anymore. They were up until The Crusade, but even in Shogun it's not really metalcore.
    No....not really, there's a slighty catchy riff and and breakdowns, and every once in a while a melody. I use to like them, but they aren't really as talented as i saw them to be, i like ther message though it's pretty good
    I hope their new album has the thrash-iness of The Crusade, the vocals from Ascendancy and the drumming from In Waves. That'll be a perfect album
    Ember to Inferno: Metalcore: decent but nothing distinctive Ascendancy: Metalcore: IMO best album in the genre Crusade: Epic, technical, thrashy: kind of overdone/cheesy Shogun: Epic, technical, thrashy: absolutely incredible In Waves: Big, straightforward rock: decent, forgettable Vengeance Falls: Big, straightforward rock: If it follows the pattern, it'll blow my mind. Trivium are a great band in that even if they don't get it all right the first time, they'll hone that sound into something amazing. If not, well, even their "lesser" albums are worth listening to regularly.
    i agree with most of what you said, but IMO, In Waves isnt forgettable at all, but it grows on you. it didnt latch onto me like Ascendency and Shogun did.
    In waves was the first album that I listened to by the band, and after I listened to it, it took me a long time to really bring myself to listen to Shogun, which so far, is their best album.
    Why am I the only who's least favorite album by them is Shogun?
    Much as I respect the right to voice an opinion, yours is clearly wrong.
    In my opinion I think Alive or Just Breathing by KSE was a better album than Ascendancy as far as metalcore goes. Ascendancy is definitely in the top five best though.
    Matt Heafy said we would hear something soon, can't wait for a snippet/single!
    with the frontman of Disturbed producing it and the article title talking about "Bigger Melodies, Bigger Hooks, Bigger Riffs", im a little worried.
    So ****ing tired of waiting for news on this album, I wanna hear something.
    They should do an album like the Crusade again.
    In Waves was a bit of an acquired taste but after a while I began to notice things about each song I absolutely loved. Shogun was different in that it was easier to notice those things. Hopefully this will combine the best of both of them but starting to get worried over the amount of bullseye187 said: bigger hype, bigger let down :\
    its being released in august, i have ties with a radio station and thats the project release date, so im sure we'll have a single and album art and everything in the next week, theyre trying to hold it down as close as they can to releasing it probably to avoid it leaking. its gonna be ****ing awesome
    Still not crazy about that title. The band members themselves have so far refused to confirm or deny it, though (Unless you count Matt's insistence on Shark Sandwich). Anyway, silly title or not, I can't wait to finally hear something from this album!!!
    I thought the album was likely to be released this fall, not next month. But I hope you're right.
    Everyone's arguing weather it will be good or bad, and saying which albums are better or worse...and I'm sitting over here like... I just want to hear it before I judge it...
    I agree with RCA1186. Shogun is my least favorite (not counting Ember to Inferno). Never understood all the hype about it. Looking forward to the new one though, In Waves grew on me and I like it quite a bit now.
    Album will most likely be a 4, 5/10. good job trivium
    Question: what magical powers do possess that allows you to predict how good it will be and also what it sounds like, before it has even been released? Please enlighten me.
    It's called a pessimist, but fortunately, he can't assure anything he's saying.
    Bigger riff, bigger melodies, then In Waves, so back to Shogun ? I'm really impatient then !