Trivium Hoping to Release New Album Next Fall

Guitarist Corey Beaulieu talks future plans, also names his favorite artists at the moment.

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Trivium guitarist Corey Beaulieu recently noted that the band's new album should be released around next fall.

Chatting with Tone Deaf, the axeman commented, "We're pretty much off work until we go down to Japan and Australia in November, got a couple months off with a few shows left so we're pretty much at home working on the new record until next fall when we put it out and start touring again. It's good to be home as we've been gone pretty much all year."

During the rest of the interview, Corey named some of the bands he's into the most at the moment, saying, "We were listening to a lot of Rainbow, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Priest you know all of the old classic heavy metal stuff. Also some of the newer stuff, I was really into the new Winery Dogs album and also I really like Black Country Communion.

"But I've gotta say, the new Slash record ['World on Fire'] is f--king awesome [laughs]. I got the record sent to me a few days ago and I was like, 'Holy crap, this record has 17 songs - Jesus' and I just put it on and let it play while I was hanging 'round the house. There's not many bands that can write 17 songs on a record and not one of them is bad. Every song is awesome."

The band's latest studio effort, David Draiman-produced "Vengeance Falls," saw its release in October 2013 via Roadrunner.

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    Really looking forward to this one.
    me too, never understood the hate. shogun was an amazing album and there have been a lot of solid tracks since
    Mr Winters
    Shogun was ****ing amazing, In Waves was pretty good and Vengeance Falls bored me to death. Not sure what to expect from the next one.
    They always change their sound from album to album, that's why I'm really looking forward to everything they release. I enjoyed In Waves very much but disliked almost every song in Vengeance Falls. I prefer Ascendancy over Shogun, but both are ****ing epic.
    I feel they had an opportunity to really grow from Shogun, but IMO they regressed a bit with their latest releases.
    shogun was an amazing album with solos played out of time.
    It Was Zero
    If it's a return to 7 stringdom more like Shogun and less like In Waves & Vengeance Falls that'd be right up my alley but honestly I'll check it out either way. I really didn't like In Waves but Vengeance Falls felt like a step back in the right direction as far as my tastes go.
    You need to go back and listen to in waves again friend, dont categorize that with vengeance falls
    Hopefully another concept album with an epic Shogun-esque vibe to it whilst keeping their new styles!
    I'm really looking forward to this one too. I just hope that Draiman will have nothing to do with this record. Vengeance Falls, in my opinion, was a good album, the best of it being the awesome guitar work. However, Draiman's influence on Matt's singing and his backvocals were out of place : I just feel the album would have been better without his contribution.
    Followed Trivium for 10 years now, I must say Vengeance Falls didn't hit me as much as any of the previous records. I would prefer them not to work with David Draiman, he wants to turn them into Disturbed with his production. I would prefer Matt to focus on riffs and solos and less on vocals.
    It's cool to see newer bands reference Rainbow and Purple. They seem to be the forgotten bands of the 70's (80's and 90's too) Both Matt and Corey have put up pictures of them playing a Ritchie Blackmore signature on tour which is cool. Not expecting the album to sound like them though! But always liked Trivium, genuinely talented guys. Hope they steer towards the Shogun sound again, but any new album is welcome!
    Most of the big bands listen to the classic stuff. The kids are the ones who forget it.
    Please do not let David Draiman get within 3 planets of your next record. "Vengeance Falls" was horrid. "Shogun" and "Ascendancy" are their gems in my opinion. Although "In Waves" was more mainstream sounding (If you want to label it that way), I thought the songs were well written and catchy as hell. Another "Shogun" please.
    link no1
    Hopefully it's not like Vengeance Falls. It wasn't a bad album, it had some nice guitar work and a few decent songs. It's so far the only Trivium album I've not bothered to listen to from start to finish, with non of the songs standing out and being 'special' at all. It was also pretty noticeable that Draiman had his way with that one as his 'style' was quite noticeable a lot of the time which was a problem for me, since I can't stand his style/music. Hopefully, they keep him away from this one.
    Awesome news, Ascendancy is my personal favourite, perfect blend of all the metal I like. Shogun is also a great album, vengeance falls did fall slightly short of my expectations but I'm sure the next effort will be a lot better.