Trivium: 'New Album Has Everything a Metal Fan Would Want'

"We were able to accomplish everything we wanted," says guitarist Corey Beaulieu.

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As the October 15 release date of upcoming Trivium record "Vengeance Falls" steadily approaches, guitarist Corey Beaulieu discussed the band's overall feelings about the effort, noting that the Orlando four-piece couldn't be happier with the outcome. "I love it!" he enthusiastically told iHeart Blog. "Everything we wanted to do with the album, the overall goal of the record, we were able to accomplish. We were able to incorporate all the elements of what we do as a band and also what we like about metal and make it into this album." The axeman then stated that fans are bound to be pleased as well. "The way we wrote the songs, and the way we wanted the songs to be, it has everything a metal fan would want. It's heavy and aggressive, high energy, and it's full of melodic hooks which was a thing we really wanted to push forward," he said. Beaulieu then discussed the group's approach when it comes to vocals, specifically frontman Matt Heafy's screaming style. "On the other records we used a lot of screaming as main vocal stuff, and on this record we wanted to establish Matt's vocals as having a cohesive sound instead of jumping around between different vocal stylings," Corey explained. "We could have just put screaming on a lot of the stuff but there's so much more to the songs when there's that kind of melodic singing. It adds so much more of a dynamic that I really enjoy about metal." Produced by Disturbed frontman David Draiman, "Vengeance Falls" marks Trivium's sixth studio effort and was already announced with "Strife" single back in late August. Check out the official video below.

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    So it has beer, naked women and a viking god riding a majestic beast? I THINK NOT
    Mr Winters
    Dunno man, I'm a metal fan and so far, judging by the songs I've heard, this album is disappointing. I wish they'd make another Shogun.
    I agree with you, i'd wish they'd do another Shogun. However I read an interview with the band, and they said that (don't quote me) Shogun was them at their best in terms of technicality and playability. They then went onto say that when playing Shogun songs live they really have to focus more on playing the song correctly than if they were playing a song from Ember or In Waves, and according to the band its a bit more physically demanding and takes some of the fun out of playing live. I think now they're just taking it easy for a couple of albums, I think and hope there'll come a point when they start making their songs much more technical like we saw in Shogun
    This, they've been criticized in the past for being sloppy live. What's wrong with playing more within their abilities yet still writing great songs?
    To me it's weird that they've been cited for playing sloppy live...when i saw them they seemed pretty tight compared to some other bands. But yeah i think they could up the ante a bit in their albums to come
    I saw them live with Dream Theater shortly after In Waves was released, they played well to me :shrug:
    I've heard several people make this claim about Trivium, but I think it's mainly due to their early days. Since the Shogun era, they've put a lot of focus on playing live and delivering excellent quality. I've seen them a couple times since the release of Shogun and can easily say that they're no worse off than some of the top bands out there. Yeah, they'll slip up here and there, but that comes with the live setting. every band slips up here and there during a live performance. I'd kill for another Shogun, Trivium have only been marginally interesting since they release that album, and I think that comes down to them playing below the ability and technicality every knows they can deliver.
    I would assume they've tightened it up since Travis left. He was the one who was going to screw up, if one of them did.
    I have to say I never heard Travis mess up as much as Nick does. For an extreme metal drummer, his footwork is extremely messy live.
    I like the new drummer's drumming! But yes, I would like another Shogun or even Crusade
    Shogun is pretty much a masterpiece, This is kind of like how comparing Load and ReLoad to Master of Puppets, from what I've heard this is going to be more like In Waves than anything else, very Draiman-esque vocals
    If they made another Shogun then everyone would complain that they're repetitive. all good bands evolve
    ok i just heard the leak, definitely didnt live up to all the hype. i hate drainman more than ever now!
    A true metalhead would want their band to do what they want, not what they think other people would like.. Because that's the spirit of metal, being unique and non-mainstream.. Bring on the downvotes, I couldn't care less..
    Second Rate
    That doesn't sound like the spirit of metal, that sounds like the spirit of a hipster douche... Being "unique" and non mainstream for the sake of being "unique" and non mainstream. A metal fan listens to metal, he doesn't give a shit if it gets popular or not. If Death Metal suddenly became incredibly popular and this "core" nonsense sunk back into the shadows... I'm not gonna want my favourite Death Metal band to go "core" for the sake of remaining hip and unpopular.
    "Everything we wanted to do with the album, the overall goal of the record, we were able to accomplish. We were able to incorporate all the elements of what we do as a band and also what we like about metal and make it into this album."Seems like that's exactly what they did? Also saying "Bring on the downvotes" shows you do care, otherwise you don't need to say it.
    I'm well aware of their statement which you quoted.. I said bring on the downvotes, because my comment contradicted that part of the article..But it's true nevertheless..
    I was wanting to make a joke about how a true metal fan would want Trivium to stop, but the song wasn't actually that bad so shut my mouth I guess.
    Mr Winters
    Why would a "true metal fan" want Trivium to stop?
    Mr Winters
    I consider many bands to be absolute dogshit, doesn't mean I want them to stop. I just don't care as long as I don't have to listen to their music.
    Second Rate
    I'm actually a fan of hypersensitive sissy bands sticking around for as long as possible. It's fun to see guys like Heafy, Mournier, Draiman, Mustaine, etc. whine and cry about "elitism" and the "lack of brotherhood" and whatever other lame ass trope they're trotting out every time someone says their album is anything less than the second coming of the white album or "freak out."
    I don't like the vocal style I've heard in the songs, the music itself sounds great, but the vocals are meh. I know that just because David Draiman was the producer doesn't mean its going to sound like Disturbed, but listen to the vocals on all of the songs ans honestly tell me that it doesn't sound like hes trying to sound like Draiman.
    Awesome, Awesome! ..and then come the vocals. I miss old trivium vocals =/
    Seems to me like Matt is trying to do the "Hetfield vocals" again as he did with The Crusade. The lyrics are what I dislike most about the new material, it all sounds so forced and generic.. like kids trying to use the new intelligent words they just learned. I initially dislike In Waves but it did grow on me, but I don't know about this new album.. I know everyone is sick of these comments, but I'm another fan wishing for Shogun #2. THAT was their defining album in my opinion, and they should have stuck with that sound.
    I somewhat agree with you here, it definitely sounds like Matt is doing the "Hetfield" kind of thing, that and I didn't really know that David Draiman was the producer, and now I'm hearing similarities to Disturbed's instrumentation.