Trivium: 'New Album Has Everything a Metal Fan Would Want'

artist: Trivium date: 10/04/2013 category: upcoming releases

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Trivium: 'New Album Has Everything a Metal Fan Would Want'
As the October 15 release date of upcoming Trivium record "Vengeance Falls" steadily approaches, guitarist Corey Beaulieu discussed the band's overall feelings about the effort, noting that the Orlando four-piece couldn't be happier with the outcome. "I love it!" he enthusiastically told iHeart Blog. "Everything we wanted to do with the album, the overall goal of the record, we were able to accomplish. We were able to incorporate all the elements of what we do as a band and also what we like about metal and make it into this album." The axeman then stated that fans are bound to be pleased as well. "The way we wrote the songs, and the way we wanted the songs to be, it has everything a metal fan would want. It's heavy and aggressive, high energy, and it's full of melodic hooks which was a thing we really wanted to push forward," he said. Beaulieu then discussed the group's approach when it comes to vocals, specifically frontman Matt Heafy's screaming style. "On the other records we used a lot of screaming as main vocal stuff, and on this record we wanted to establish Matt's vocals as having a cohesive sound instead of jumping around between different vocal stylings," Corey explained. "We could have just put screaming on a lot of the stuff but there's so much more to the songs when there's that kind of melodic singing. It adds so much more of a dynamic that I really enjoy about metal." Produced by Disturbed frontman David Draiman, "Vengeance Falls" marks Trivium's sixth studio effort and was already announced with "Strife" single back in late August. Check out the official video below.
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