Trivium: New Album Title Revealed

Producer David Draiman accidentally unveils the new Trivium album title in a new interview.

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The new Trivium album will be called "Vengeance Falls," according to a new interview with producer David Draiman in Thrash Hits.

So how did Draiman come to work with Trivium in the first place?

According to Draiman, it's something they had been planning for years. "We had more and more conversations over the course of time," he told Loudwire, explaining that the process started slow but began to ramp up in Jaunary this year. "It was basically two weeks of intense pre-production - 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., six days a week - then about a month or so of tracking. Once we had finalized everything, we executed it rather quickly but there was a lot of work and prep involved. These guys learned a lot and grew a lot and has made a record that is going to be a defining moment in their career."

Apparently it was a partnership made in metal heaven, because Trivium are extremely happy with Draiman's results.

"He was the most hands-on producer we've ever worked with. And we've worked with some amazing people," said frontman Matt Heafy in an interview with Roadrunner. "He helped me gain another four to six notes in my upper vocal range, which is something I never thought was possible ... He helped with every instrument, every song, helping create melodies - his ability to create melody is one of the most staggering things I've ever seen."

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    In Waves was a good effort, but Shogun remains the pinnacle of Trivium's work so far.
    I'm interested in giving this a listen. In Waves was kind of boring for me but Shogun was really good so if they build on that sound could be in for a good album.
    I think the unity of themes amongst Shogun is why it feels like such a solid album. That, and the fact that the riffs are off the hook.
    In waves was a pretty "meh", but in terms of sound quality, it was easily their best. Now if we could get Shogun style riffs/songs, and In Waves tone/production, then indeed they will have created their best album to date.
    Agree 100%; Shogun is one my favorite albums, but In Waves left something to be desired. Ironically so did Asylum.
    Absolutely. In Waves has some pretty cool moments, but it's not an album I can listen to from first to last track
    I was afraid to say that, for fear of all the flame-guns aimed at my face. Shogun was fantastic, but In Waves seemed boring and all the songs are similar to each other. I really hope this new album innovates on the sound from In Waves, and pushes it to 11!
    "Vengeance Falls" no doubt gonna be the first single's title, or at least a track on the album.
    Considering every record of their has had that being the case, then yeah, I agree
    trivium never disappoints. in my opinion every record was a defining moment in their career and i'm totally confident, their sixth offering will be no exception!
    I agree. Theyre very talented musicians, and I love Matt Heafy's calm, humble attitude and thought process. Interesting how this will go with Draiman. I look forward to it. In Waves was amazing for me.
    i agree right back! in waves only was a bit of a letdown to some people because of the untouchable greatness that was shogun!
    I guess so. For me, I think Trivium has improved on every one of their albums. I love how they stay true to themselves too. One of my old co-workers once told me that they're a ripoff of As I Lay Dying. Not sure what he's talking about but clearly he's not a huge metal listener. They're both 2 completely different animals. The thing that I love about Trivium though is that they work like a young band. They grow and take in what others have to say. I'm sure David is a lot of help, and I've never known him as a producer, but this looks to be a beast of an album. We need more bands like these guys.
    Also, I know this is off topic, but I really wonder what Matt thinks of about the whole Tim Lambesis incident.
    Agreed. With every album they bring something new and refreshing to the band, it's never the same old thing, which is rare in a lot of bands now, I can't wait to hear how this sounds.
    This album will be nothing like In Waves or Shogun, in case any one hasn't noticed they change their sound from album too album and IMO it would be counter productive to go back to the Shogun sound.
    At first when I saw Draiman, I was like, "ahh, christ.." But reading how integral he was, I think he might have been a good addition. I just hope this is better than In Waves.. there may not even be 2 good songs on that album. How a band makes Shogun, and then In Waves, is beyond me.
    It's honestly subjective. In Waves is the only album I fully enjoy by them. There definitely is some cliched moments but I've heard much worse.
    Matt's looking like Ihsahn more and more every day.
    shame hes not a millionth the musician ihsahn is
    Why so many downvotes? Matt's a great musician and all but Ihsahn's another world all together
    Because he's insulting a respectable musician, doesn't matter who it is you shouldn't disrespect musicians like that.
    I loved In Waves and cannot wait for this album. Its just cuch a shame Vengeance Falls is such a boring , unispired, sterotypical 'Metal' album name. Sigh
    Hyped for this Always guaranteed to have interesting guitar work from Trivium and Draiman has written some great songs with Disturbed as well. Looking forward to hearing the sound of this.
    trivium has been one of my fav bands since summer 2006. every album they put out i enjoyed ( yes even the crusade) shogun is one of the best metal albums of the decade in my opinion. in waves had some of the best songs they ever wrote (caustic are the ties that bind, dusk dismantled, inception of the end, forsake not the dream) and some of the worst they ever wrote ( built to fall, watch the world burn, black) i still enjoyed in waves, but its nothing compared to the mighty SHOGUN! i am a huge disturbed fan but im worried that draimen is being to hands on with this record. dont taint what trivium is draimen, the last disturbed album was easily their weakest and most uninspired
    Trivium, Avenged Sevenfold, and Megadeth all putting out albums this summer. Not too bad...
    August Burns Red, The Black Dahlia Murder, Black Sabbath, and Amon Amarth as well!!! \m/
    So the producer helped creating the melody ? Is it me, or this sounds bad ? I never really understood the real role of the producer anyway... I'm really impatient for this upcoming record, since Trivium is one of my great discovery this years (yeah, I'm late =), espectially with Shogun, with is for me one of the best modern-thrash (definitly not metalcore on Shogun) album ever. In Wawes was not that powerfull, so I hope longer songs and more creativity.
    louis van wyk
    Hopefully this album will be more like shogun and less like in waves. Shogun is the only reason why i like trivium
    First Megadeth, now Trivium. Draiman needs to stop poisoning other bands and leave that with Disturbed/Device/whatever other "D" related thing.
    they set the bar very high with Ascendancy and Shogun, so everything else will feel like a let down. Still anything this band releases, I must have!
    I cannot wait for this album, Trivium are what got me started on serious metal and I owe a lot to them. This is so exciting!!
    Serious metal? I thought half the fun of heavy metal was due to the fact that it's not meant to be taken too seriously haha.
    Although i like Trivium, i'm getting tired of how they always have to be so DEEP i can't even see them. And cut the crap with all that japanese shit, just because Matt Heafy is half japanese, doesn't mean the whole band is. I'm preparing for dislikes.
    If anyone knows the release date in Australia can they please message me? I can't find anything anywhere, and I'm kind of desperate to find out...
    In Waves was absolute shit. The worst album I have ever listened to. Ascendency and ember were the best (of anything I've ever heard). Everything else they've done or ever will do will never compare to the first two albums. Though, I'm anxious to see what Draiman can do with them.
    after hearing heafy sing i really wish he would sing on their album and not cough, i think it wouldv'e made the songs better.
    David Draiman said that there was only a song called "Vengeance Falls" and that the band hasn't said what the record will be called yet.