Trivium Open to Working With David Draiman Again

Producer is "part of Trivium family."

Ultimate Guitar

Trivium guitarist Corey Beaulieu has been speaking with Metal Hammer about working with producer David Draiman.

As the guitarist notes, the band would consider brining back the Disturbed mainman to produce their next album, provided that their schedules matched:

"Possibly. I'm sure that by the time we do another record, Disturbed will be back, so who knows. He's a busy guy, so it's all up in the air. You always have it in mind that you have a really good experience recording with somebody and it'd be great to record with them again, but when it comes down to doing a record, they're doing another project or recording with somebody else, and you can't wait. It all just depends on that."

Beaulieu also noted that the band had learned a lot from the producer during the recording of "Vengeance Falls:"

"He is a great dude, no matter if we work with him or not on the next record. We definitely learned a lot from him during the 'Vengeance Falls' process that we'll be able to move forward and apply it to the next record. He'll always be there in spirit, and he's always part of our Trivium family."

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    No thanks, one forgettable album with Draiman written in caps all over it is enough.
    David just sent me a private message about you. It reads: "TELL MAHORU THAT HE IS A BELLEND"
    Hahahaha that could actually be believable coming from him! Now seriously on topic, something must be very wrong about the album for me (and for a huge number of other fans) not to like it when I've always enjoyed everything they did before they worked with Draiman. Since Vengeance Falls was released (and after recovering from the initial shock) I've only ever listened again to 3 tracks from the album.
    While I liked Vengeance Falls I hope they get an actual producer for their next album. Dave is too "Disturbed" for their music.
    The more listens I give Vengeance Falls, the less I hear the Disturbed influence. Still think it's a solid album.
    Saw them live recently and even though the new songs they were playing of vengeance falls sounded amazing, its nothing compared to previous albums
    While I've given Vengeance Falls more of a chance and a little more credit than I gave it when it first came out, I still can't stand that vocal style,and if it was the Drainman that caused that change then I sure hope to god that he won't be involved in any way with the next album.
    I gotta admit, I f*ckign LOVE Vengeance Falls, even though it's a shift from the norm (which I don't really mind). But! I also really liked their other stuff, and-CRAP! I'M RUNNING IN CIRCLES! Hell, I just like every songle release they've ever made (Yes, also The Crusade, especially To The Rats & Tread The Floods)