Trouble Prepare To Record New Album

artist: Trouble date: 09/10/2010 category: new releases

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Legendary Chicago doom metallers Trouble have issued the following update: "Trouble is getting ready for the studio now. [We] have been making preliminary recordings and working out things in order to bring the best possible Trouble release. "[We are] extremely happy with the direction of the songs. Heavy and melodic are the words that describe this work. "In other news, be on the lookout for 'Trouble blog.' The band has signed on with Ironroad to bring subscribers a weekly blog reporting on everything Trouble. Fans can sign up to receive video blogs soon." In a 2009 interview with Hellbound, Trouble guitarist Bruce Franklin stated about the band's forthcoming album, singer Kory Clarke's (Warrior Soul) debut with the group, "There's some stuff like some of the first album 'Psalm 9' album stuff and then there's some of the heavy groove stuff, like in the more recent years we've done, and there might be a couple songs that sound even maybe a little bit different than stuff we've done. I don't mean radically different it's still gonna sound like Trouble. It isn't like we've written a couple of songs that don't sound anything like Trouble. Maybe it's because with Kory singing it sounds a little different. I think it's going to be a good mix. It's definitely going to have some pretty heavy stuff. It's not the more commercial side of Trouble. "In the early days I'd probably write a lot of the music and there'd be a few songs we'd write together as a band in some cases. Then, in '90s-era Trouble we would have that same aspect and then Eric [Wagner, former singer] might have an acoustic song and then that we would take and kind of embellish it and make it more of a song as a band, and that was some stuff we started doing later on. As for this record, this may be the most songs that Rick's [Wartell, guitar] ever had of his on an album basically Rick's written about half and I've written about half of what's gonna be the new record. So it will be different in that respect." Thanks for the report to
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