Trujillo on Metallica's 'Through the Never:' 'It Can't Be Any Worse Than 'Lulu''

Bassist also promises new album "in a year or so."

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In a new interview, Rob Trujillo has been speaking to Classic Rock about the upcoming Metallica concert movie, "Through the Never," which is released in cinemas on October 8th.

As Trujillo hopes that the film, which takes its cue from such movies as "Pink Floyd: the Wall" and "Led Zeppelin: the Song Remains the Same," will get a better reaction than the band's recent work with Lou Reed.

"It can't be any worse than the Lou Reed album!" he says. "I have a feeling the fans will love it."

Trujillo also notes that the band was sidetracked from writing the follow up to 2008's "Death Magnetic" by the film project, although promises that the fans will get their album "in the next year or so."

"Before all the film stuff, we were jamming these ideas and having a lot of fun. But we got sidetracked. In 2014 it'll be all about getting new music without any interruptions, hopefully."

Speaking about the new material, Trujillo has stated that it picks up where "Death Magnetic" left off, but with a re-emphasis on thrash elements:

"It feels like 'Death Magnetic' was the launch pad it's the introduction to what we have now," says Trujillo. "On the last album we had a lot of long songs. I liked that, but I also liked the short stuff too. That's one thing I'm excited about: there's the thrash element back in the mix. It's kind of been missing in the past."

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    I have a new found respect for Rob Trujillo. At least he isn't hiding under the false impression that he actually enjoyed Lulu and openly comes out in honesty and says he isn't on best terms with it as a project.
    Am I the only one who read it as Rob saying it can't be worse than Lulu, as in the fans reaction to the movie can't be worse than it was for Lulu?
    That's how I interpreted it as well, but people like running with misinterpretations.
    He's saying Lulu is the worst in his opinion, thus meaning it is his least favourite (doesn't like it very much)
    Yeah at least he can admit when his band does a terrible album not like Lars who would defend Lulu to the death by saying stuff like "oh you just don't understand it" and stuff. No Lars it was just a bad album end of.
    I never saw Lars say that people didn't understand it, just that he was glad they did it. What everyone fails to realize is that for a band to just go and put out the same album each time, it makes the music sound bad. Super Collider in my opinion is a good example because it was so generic Megadeth that it didn't mean anything.
    I found Lulu interesting and enjoyable. Fight me.
    Of course not. You liked it, that's good for you. There's a big difference between commenting about your feelings towards something and claiming that everyone that doesn't think like you is a hater.
    I loved Lulu... Take out Lou Reeds vocals and you got yourself some badass ****ing riffs
    except he's really just jumping on the lulu hate bandwagon. which is ****ing pathetic really. he is now on the same level as chris martin from coldplay, which really isn't a good place to be.
    He's actually saying that the reaction can't be any worse than the one Lulu got. Bit misleading
    It's been 5 years since Death Magnetic came out, back in the good old days of Metallica within a 5 year period they released KEA, RTL, MOP and Justice, clearly this train derailed a long time ago.
    Didn't they compare something else recently to "Not being as bad as St. Anger"? It seems like these guys are starting to promote their new material as "Hey, at least it's not as bad as _____!"
    Mr Winters
    It would have to be one really gigantic and smelly turd to be worse than Lulu
    I wonder if IKEA supplies tables strong enough to hold the weight of this movie, should it turn out worse than Lulu.
    I REALLY HOPE they change the tone of the guitars on the next album, in hindsight they sounded like crap on Death Magnetic, maybe it was just the volume mixing, I thought their guitars lacked the same sort of distortion that they use on their earlier stuff, namely that more "all-round, classic sound." Its hard to explain, but lets just say the guitars on "...justice" or even "load" had more beef to them then Death Magnetic. I am also seriously convinced that whoever does their song writing now has a serious writer's block, because in comparison to even the stuff on Re-Load, the lyrical composition on DM was utter garbage. Thats BY COMPARISON to their older, more inspiring lyrics. These are the guys that wrote hallowing stuff like "fade to black" and now we have James angrily shouting sentence fragments that don't relate to eachother very well in the span of a song.... Compare their older song writing to their newer song writing and you'd see what I mean. I am personally convinced that whoever traditionally wrote the lyrics isn't actually contributing 100% anymore and now, other members are chipping in because the principal song writer has a writer's block. You can hear occasional flashes of old brilliance in their last album, but it doesn't even compare much. Don't patronize me by also saying it was "cliff who wrote their old stuff" because they were still churning out decent lyrics after he'd died. Thats not an excuse. Most importantly though, Kirk needs to go take lessons again or something because his lead playing is a total mess now. Its over saturated with wah and most of the stuff on DM sounds sloppy and very uninspired. Perhaps he should visit Joe Satriani again, or maybe just work on his tone, which has increasingly gotten more messy since the Load album. Naysayers will scoff and say Metallica can do whatever they want, but I seriously think their last album was a half assed attempt at what they're truly capable of, not necessarily in the riffs department, because "all nightmare long" was brilliant, I mean in the actual tone and more importantly, CLARITY of their guitar playing. Now its very muddy and sloppy, unlike their playing from the past. The band boasted about how they're in the best shape of their lives these days, well you certainly wouldn't be able to tell from Kirk's lead guitar playing. Put it this way, Kirk was my IDOL growing up, and its pretty unfortunate that MY playing is a lot more tidy and clean sounding then his. thats my metallica rant for today...
    Agreed. The compression and tones on "Death Magnetic" make it unlistenable for me. Saw them two nights in a row last summer and they didn't sound that great either (tone wise). I was seriously zoning out for the majority of their set on the second night. I think they're going for that lo-fi "garage metal" kind of thing, but it's really just been coming across as forced and tacky. It's almost as if they spend thousands and thousands of dollars on their live rigs and albums to sound shitty... haha
    I agree on their tone, it's more a Hard Rock sound than metal. Even live, those open E chugs just don't sound thrashy now, more like the distortion is set on 7, not 10.
    ill be honest, their live sound is terrible. the guitar tone is so f***ing muddy, idk what there are doing. honestly. my set up sounds 100x better. I can actually hear the different notes
    That is sad to hear. I always thought their live sound was second only to Rush. Then again, I haven't seen Metallica live since ...And Justice for All. That was a great concert. I passed on an opportunity to see them with GnR (I'm a dumb ass for doing so) because I didn't like the Black album. And now...22years later, I hope for the best.
    Hetfield's gonna smash his face for those words about Lulu.
    Truijillo might get his head smashed into the table...
    I think you mean Trujillo might become the table! It would be so great if one of their new music videos ceremoniously transforms Rob into a table, and then the rest of the band eat off of him. Hetfield and Lars obviously at each end with Kirk bitching about his silverware in the middle. Epic lmao!
    i bet trujillo only sticks around in metallica for the paycheck. hes been in the band close to ten years now and has only released one true metallica album. thats just ridiculous.
    ...but he's been on a million live albums and now a movie! Seriously. They need to just do what bands do already and get the new material rolling. They've been trying to sell us "Death Magentic" and various live DVD's and CD's with the same songs on them for 5 years now. Until they release something new, I'm sick of them.
    I'm so excited to hear this soundtrack of songs I've already heard a million times!
    Rob is awesome. He scored the ultimate bassist gig and he deserves it. As for Metallica making an album worse than lulu...first it was Load/Reload. Then it was St Anger. Then Lulu. Something worse than Lulu, as unfathomable as it might sound, is still not out of the realm of a possibility. I could honestly care less if they never put out another album. Their early stuff was groundbreaking and memorable and I'm grateful that they atleast gave us that, but their music will never be that good (or even close) ever again.
    Using the phrase "It can't be any worse than" instantly tells me that Rob is politely telling us all that Through The Never pretty much sucks donkey dick but doesn't swallow the load like Lulu does. "Fans are going to love it" because it's not as bad as Lulu. Such optimism.
    Metallica is slowly detaching itself from what I respect in an artist and becoming a full fletched brand that pretends to till be authentic to an initial intent.
    Lulu was a decent album, Not amazing, but it didn't deserve all the stick it got, I reckon this film is gunna be banging! Can't wait!
    Wow Metallica has completely fallen off the map how does anyone still like these guys? They have to hype up their new albums by never shutting up about how awful Lulu was?
    I feel as though I should be scared at the fact he is going well it can't be any worse than LULU