Two New Alice in Chains Songs Leak Online

Couple of new Alice in Chains tracks from the forthcoming "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here" release available for streaming online.

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With the new Alice In Chains record release date getting closer every day, the band has started revealing more details regarding the album, including the song titles and the cover artwork. But it seems the fans got more than the band would want as today marked the leak of not one, but two songs from "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here." Titled "Stone" and "Phantom Limb," both songs follow the same groove and feel like the previously released "Hollow" video single.

Although the full song was quickly removed due to a copyright claim, 90 second preview of "Stone" is still available for streaming over at Loudwire. Starting off with a clingy bass intro and a massive sludge riff, the song features various nifty fills from the guitar mastermind Jerry Cantrell. That same dark, unsettling atmosphere we were introduced to with "Hollow" is still here with seemingly simple, yet effective song structure. And with such a monster of a riff, who needs to complicate things anyway, right? Judging by the preview, the song sounds quite promising and should have no problem in grabbing the listener's complete attention throughout the full track length.

The second song, "Phantom Limb," saw it's radio premiere on KISW 99.9 FM and found it's way online in a matter of hours or even minutes. Although it might seem slightly more upbeat than the "Stone" at the beginning, the song soon slips into that sludgy, downtuned groove we'll apparently get to hear a lot on the new record. The sound quality of the clip is not very good, so there's no need for jumping to conclusions. With yet another massive riff and an awesome guitar solo from Cantrell, it's as every bit as promising as the first track. The group has obviously stepped up to their task with solid performances all around. Both tracks are definitely worth giving a listen and should keep the fans' anticipation level for the May 28 release even higher.

According to Cantrell's previous statements, the new album has "some real filth" in it, but will also feature various religious themes. As a follow-up to 2009's "Black Gives Way To Blue" and the second studio effort with vocalist William DuVall, the record will mark the fifth release in the band's catalogue.

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    This album's going to be really heavy, and I like that.
    AiC are sludge metal band that were disguised as grunge.
    There was a always a bit of Grunge in them, especially lyrical wise, but you're right when you say that there's more sludge in them.
    Damn, Cantrell is really bringing the riffs on this album. "Phantom Limb" is intense. Great vocals. Probably my favorite of the new songs.
    AWWWW snap
    Why would they say Stone was 'leaked' when it blatantly says on their Wiki page the date of it's release as March 26th...
    "Although the full song was quickly removed due to a copyright claim, 90 second preview of "Stone" is still available for streaming" So the song did leak but was removed quickly
    vjgkbhjslkdzflmzlsdkjbn29238rqhwajiosfpiosdjoyg2qwsubhjkndxj nk vygjBHKSJDFNkzul sry just wiping jizz off my keyboard.
    I really enjoyed BGWTB, but I have a feeling this album will blow that away, and after hearing "Stone" and a radio-quality version of "Phantom Limb", dare I say this, but 'The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here' just might be the next modern 'Dirt'...
    I read Duvall wrote phantom limb... If so I'm sorry Jerry but let Duvall take the reins for a bit
    Got to listen to "Stone" before it was removed, excellent song. And didn't know about Phantom, another remarkable track. Album is really promising so far, shit got heavy!
    All this new material is getting me really damn excited about the new album. Jerry never fails to deliver excellent hooks and riffs.
    Heard the new Sevendust album last night and thought " This is cool!" but then I heard Stone and Phantom Limb this morning... Mind = Blown!
    I've never been more proud to live within decent radio-range of 99.9 KISW. I love living around Seattle. I heard Phantom Limb as it premiered on the radio when the host told us about a surprise. It was bad ass. I'm more excited about this album than I'd like to share.
    Uhh, I just purchased Stone from Amazon. And BTW... I'm a bit disappointed (unlike Hollow which kicks ass).
    I thought "Hollow" is great song, but then after hearing the other two, they raised the bar on this album!
    Is everyone voting me down because I purchased it or because I'm not fond of it?? For the record, I'm a massive AIC fan since back in the bar days.
    the link in the article is broken this works for now: Alice In Chains - Phantom Limb
    Honestly, they should've stopped after Layne died.
    they did. for a long time. still make some good tunes, its not like GnR.
    That's the problem. They tried, they came together and wanted to continue. How can you tell them what to do? Layne's death was tragic, and this may be their healing process. I'm glad they continued on!
    Honestly, people should stop MAKING THIS COMMENT every single time AC news gets posted.
    They're simply upset the band is just as good as they've ever been for some reason, more people want to root for failure.