Two Out-of-Print Jimi Hendrix Albums Set for Re-Release

"The Cry of Love" and "Rainbow Bridge" will come out on September 15.

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Two out-of-print Jimi Hendrix albums - "The Cry of Love" and "Rainbow Bridge" - are set to be re-released, according to an NME report. The albums will come out on September 15 on CD, vinyl and digital formats. The LPs were his first and second posthumous releases, with both records originally released in 1971 after the legendary guitarist and singer passed away in 1970 at the age of 27.

The songs that make up "The Cry of Love" were recorded from December 1969 into the summer of 1970 at Electric Lady Studios in New York. They were set to be included on a double LP with the working title "First Rays of the New Rising Sun." "Rainbow Bridge" is made up of tracks from the same sessions. Scroll down for the tracklistings for both albums.

A film documenting the early UK career of Hendrix "Jimi: All Is by My Side" is set for release in the UK on October 24. It stars OutKast's André 3000 as the guitarist.

"The Cry of Love" tracklisting is:

01. Freedom
02. Drifting
03. Ezy Ryder
04. Night Bird Flying
05. My Friend
06. Straight Ahead
07. Astro Man
08. Angel09. In From The Storm10. Belly Button Window

"Rainbow Bridge" tracklisting is:

01. Dolly Dagger
02. Earth Blues
03. Pali Gap
04. Room Full Of Mirrors
05. Star Spangled Banner (studio version)
06. Look Over Yonder07. Hear My Train-A Comin' (live)08. Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)

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    Is there any real point in reissuing these albums? All these tracks are already available and with the amount of Jimi Hendrix albums I own, it's basically paying for songs that I already have.
    theyre re releasing out of print albums. its not meant to be for collectors, but new fans who missed them the first time around
    i guess i can understand re-releasing these albums as they were originally released, but are these not the same versions that have been released on "First Rays of the New Rising Sun," "South Saturn Delta" and the box set? if they're different recordings, i'm in, but i doubt that's the case here...
    I agree. When I looked at which songs were on the album, I recognized most of them. It just looks like repackaging of the same songs that they keep releasing on different albums. If they're different recordings, I agree it's fine, but I doubt it. It's just them continuing to cash in on his legacy.
    Got an original copy of Rainbow Bridge, but Dolly Dagger is a bit ruined. Might have to look into getting these. Great albums.
    I lost Rainbow Bridge. Pali Gap is an awesome tune I'll definitely be buying that.
    Actually, First Rays consists of the same songs, but remastered and attempted to be as close to the original ideas as possible. These so-called "posthumous studio albums" featured a lot of remixing and overdubs, so if you want to hear the real "lost" Hendrix album, get First Rays instead.