U2 Reportedly Set to Release New Album 'Before the End of the Year'

Tabloid reports also suggest the band could perform in London as part of iTunes festival.

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U2 will reportedly release their new album in November, with the band said to be "very confident" ahead of their long-awaited comeback, NME reports.

The group are due to release their first album since 2009's "No Line on the Horizon" and have been recording with producers including Danger Mouse in recent months. A spokesperson for U2 recently denied that the band have pushed back the release date of their 13th studio album to 2015.

Taking this further, a report in the Sun on July 22 sees the tabloid report that "the new album will drop before the end of the year, most likely in November" while also suggesting that the band could perform at London's Roundhouse in September as part of this year's iTunes Festival.

"The U2 comeback is very much on for this year," said a source. "This album has been a real struggle for them to make. It's taken a long time and Bono didn't find it easy. But they're very confident now and are convinced the wait has been worth it."

In addition to a new U2 album, Bono and the Edge are also working with "Once" director John Carney on a new musical film based on the filmmaker's childhood.

U2 won a Golden Globe earlier this year for their song "Ordinary Love," taken from Nelson Mandela biopic "Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom."

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    I don't think you can call it a "comeback" album. They've toured actively in these five years, it's not like they broke up. Now something like Tool's next album can be called a comeback IMHO.
    Just because a band took a year off from touring and recording doesn't mean it's a "comeback." UG, quit talking about U2 and the Foo Fighters like they're making this "comeback." No, they never broke up. It's not a comeback. It's simply a continuation.
    A comeback? Umm... 360 tour, anyone? If you saw them play live on that tour, you would know these guys are at the top of their game.
    The band nearly broke up making Achtung Baby, so if they're struggling with this maybe it'll turn out good
    They've "struggled" with writing a lot of their albums, but obviously we all want the great end product. In their "recent" history, they had to switch producers on Atomic Bomb when they thought they were done, and it apparently turned out a hell of a lot better than the first product. Zooropa seems like the only album that came quick and natural to them over the years, although its theme is an extension of their ZooTV tour. The most important thing is U2 isn't satisfied with putting out a mediocre album, and although people pin them down as egotistical sell outs, they actually rarely feel like they hit perfection and they spend a lot of money on giving back, especially through their shows and charity. At the end of the day, I just want to hear what they've concocted - they always seem to successfully hit a different sound.
    Quick, random question that hopefully someone can answer...is U2 the longest continuously active band with the same lineup? I know they've never had a lineup change and they've existed since the mid 70s (which is coming closely to their 40 year anniversary now). They'd have to come close
    The current Motorhead line up has been together a long while. Not as long as U2 or Rush but worth a mention.