U2 Still Planning to Release New Album in 2014

A spokesman for the band confirmed the news to Rolling Stone magazine.

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U2 has been working on a follow-up to 2009's commercially disappointing "No Line on the Horizon" for about five years. After plenty of time working on material with producer Paul Epworth, the Grammy-winning band is ready to unleash its long-delayed thirteenth studio album, which could arrive as early as next month, Backstageol reports (via Rolling Stone).

A few months ago, reports suggesting the international rock group was postponing the release of the new album until 2015 were circulating, but that timing is inaccurate. "We've always said an album is expected this year," said a spokesperson for the band. The as-yet-untitled album is expected to come out within the next few months.

Universal Music Venezuela and Universal Music Colombia posted tweets saying the album was coming out in September, but that date has yet to be verified. An unconfirmed scheduled says there will be a single out in September, an album out in September or October, and a tour announced in December, with dates beginning in April of next year.

U2 hasn't revealed much about the upcoming album, but the band did speak briefly about the project. "We really want the songs to be right," said The Edge. "That's the only reason why we're not on tour - because we're so good at starting, not so good at finishing. That's always the way it's been."

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    "No Line on the Horizon" sold 5 million copies and debuted at #1 in 30 countries. How is that "commercially disappointing?"
    not to mention that 5 million copies in today's p2p music industry is pretty good for a 40 year old band
    Because Bono needs to be number one in ALL countries. He'll never be number two!
    Is this going to be a weekly thing? "U2's STILL planning to release new album in 2014"? Just kidding, I'm really interested what they came up with..
    I was really hoping they'd stick with Danger Mouse as producer. They could really use a less produced sound and Burton could really use a band that's not inclined to be slow and melancholy.
    "U2 Still Planning to Release New Album in 2014" "satansnachos still planning on not buying U2's new album in 2014"
    "every single human being on Earth does not give 3/4 of a f*ck what satansnachos is going to do."
    but what about the other 1/4? I can only assume by your comment that you meant "every single human being on earth cares a little bit about what satansnachos does"
    They're known to have several producers put a hand in it. Previously, they had 4 albums in mind. One is supposed to be a guitar-driven album, another is supposed to be a dance-style, the 3rd is supposed to be more laid back and a 4th. Maybe they're trying to condense it down to 1 or 2 albums. I don't think it will sound like the 2 singles they released earlier. Also, with them doing a tour, to go with their CD release, who's going to come up with the stage design? Legendary stage designer, Mark Fisher, passed away.
    In the name of Love take your time with this album and make it really good
    After Ordinary Love I reckon their new album will be amazing. Wasn't a massive fan of NLOTH, just didn't like it, no other reason, but there is no denying they are one great band