U2 to Announce New Album at Super Bowl in February?

Irish band are due to release their first album since 2009 next year.

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U2 will reportedly release their new album in April 2014, according to reports which also claim the album could be announced at Super Bowl XLVIII in February.

The Irish band are due to release their first album since 2009 next year with Adam Clayton recently confirming that the group were planning to wrap up recording by the end of this year. Billboard today (November 13) reports (via NME) that the album is likely to arrive in April with representatives for the band currently negotiating a deal with brands to announce the album during the Super Bowl.

The report claims that Madonna manager Guy Oseary has been running U2's day-to-day affairs and is "reaching out to potential sponsors on the band's behalf." If successful, the album announcement would be seen by millions during the half-time of the annual NFL final on February 2.

Earlier this month U2 confirmed plans to release two new songs from the forthcoming Nelson Mandela biopic, "Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom" on Record Store Day's Black Friday.

U2 bassist Adam Clayton recently revealed that the band are aiming to finish a new album by the end of November. They last put out an album in 2009 when they released "No Line on the Horizon." It is expected that their new record will appear in 2014 with Clayton confirming that the band are trying to get the songs "absolutely right" prior to Christmas.

Earlier this year U2 were reportedly spotted entering a New York studio with Coldplay's Chris Martin, fuelling speculation that the singer may appear on the band's new album. All four members of the rock group were seen at the Electric Lady Studios in New York in May, where Danger Mouse was reportedly mixing the new material.

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    ..thinking I will get bashed, but no album release announcement during the Superbowl. Don't want to see it as a football fan, and neither as a musician. Makes the music seem too commercial to me.
    ...IMHO...I love the idea...it's an event worthy of the superbowl...music and football...yeah...U2 is big enough and bombastic enough to go down smooth in such a spotlighted circumstance...
    This has COMMERCIALIZATION written all over it and quite frankly, This kind of thing makes me ignore it all the more, but the sheeple will buy buy buy.
    U2 were once the best band in the world... Now they're working with Clodplay. I have a hard time decided which has fallen further... them or Metallica.
    I've been to about 70 concerts in my life. The 360 Tour was the best show I've ever seen.
    Thrice Capades
    Lost in this story is the terrible fact that U2 will be the Super Bowl halftime entertainment. I'll probably switch over to the Puppy Bowl for that...