U2 Working With One Direction Songwriters?

U2 want to spruce up their act - and sell more records - by working with boyband One Direction's songwriters, according to reports.

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U2 want to spruce up their act - and sell more records - by working with boyband One Direction's songwriters, according to reports.

The Sun reckons that Bono and co want to reinvent themselves in the mould of the chart-slaying pop whippersnappers and have sounded out Swedish pop svengali Carl Falk, who has penned material for the group, about working together.

Last October, Bono admitted that their last LP "No Line On The Horizon", which was released in 2009, hadn't produced as many hit singles as their previous efforts and claimed that they needed to write some big-selling tunes in order to "survive".

And with One Direction recently becoming the first UK band ever to score a US Number One album with their debut LP, an anonymous source claims that U2 are eager to emulate their success.

"The band are back in the studio getting a feel for new material after the last album 'No Line On The Horizon'," they said. "Will.i.am had a credit on that and they are looking to explore that direction further. They have been working with Dangermouse and Redone. They are excited about getting to work with Carl Falk."

Meanwhile, Falk himself let slip:

"There's a long way to go but we are doing something with U2." For U2 fans eager to know what the collaboration could sound like, some of Falk's previous credits include Nicki Minaj's "Starships" and One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful". He has also penned tracks for the likes of Westlife, Boyzone and Labrinth.

U2 released their debut album, "Boy", in 1980 - 14 years before the youngest member of One Direction, Harry Styles, was born in February 1994.

Thanks for the report to NME.com.

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    This is just..woah. Time to call it quits U2..BTW, I was convinced I wouldn't see anything worse than Justin Bieber in music..then alone came Rebecca Black, but at least she didn't really chart anywhere. Now we got a new..boyband being called "the next Beatles"..damn those prepubescent MTV fangirls.
    There is a question mark at the end of the title, and this news came from the Sun. Let us hope.
    Ok it's not bad at all (unless you already don't like U2). The only difference is Bono is writing lyrics with a boyband songwriter. Doesn't mean it's going to sound like Justin Bieber's music. Bono will still be singing and The Edge will still be writing the music.
    If they dont get some big hits theu wont survive? Bono cant make it another 20-30 years with the billions of dollars already in his possesion? Come on now.
    This is good news. Remember, One Direction might be shitty but those are still well written pop songs, transfer that over to U2 and it could be good. Glad to hear they are trying to write a song-focused album again instead of some experimental garbage like NLOTH.
    AaronianKenrod wrote: According to the Sun? Well this can be completely disregarded.
    You speak the truth my good man
    Sell more records?! U2 are one of the biggest bands in the world. Their tours sell out every time so they're hardly struggling