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Several Damageplan- and Pantera-related products are currently being planned for future release.

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According to a recent online posting by Disturbed drummer Mike Wengren, several Damageplan- and Pantera-related products are currently being planned for future release, reports Blabbermouth.net. Among the items that will reportedly see the light of day ? either individually or as part of a box set ? are the following:

  • Damageplan DVD "Damagevision"
  • Damageplan second album
  • Damageplan "New Found Power" outtakes
  • Pantera Home DVD Part 4
  • Pantera - Unreleased studio tracks from: 01. "Cowboys From Hell" 02. "Vulgar Display Of Power" 03. "Far Beyond Driven" 04. "Great Southern Trendkill" 05. "Reinventing The Steel"
  • Tracks from what would have been Pantera's next studio project after "Reinventing The Steel"
  • Rebel Meets Rebel (Dimebag and Vinnie Paul's side project with legendary country/western music artist David Allen Coe)

    It should be noted, however, that ? with the exception of a second Damageplan studio album (consisting of recordings originally meant to be used towards the band's follow-up to "New Found Power") ? there has not yet been any confirmation from the Pantera/Damageplan camp that the above-mentioned recordings will ever be made available to the public.

    In other news, Krank Amplification has a section on their web site dedicated to "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott, featuring exclusive photos and video footage of the late Pantera/Damageplan guitarist.

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      if that were a box set i would sleep in a sleeping bag outsite of the stoor the night b4 it was released
      ill probly buy it all...the irony of that, is a couple weeks before dime's death, i wrote a song about how much i hate it when they keep on releasing stuff from dead people. how times change RIP
      The Oceanborn
      This Rebel meets Rebel things seems to be a funny thing. Is it available on any other records?
      I think that would be pretty sweet. All this material man, that's awesome.
      Mayve they'll have guests playing guitar parts. My guess Zakk will play.
      Awesome... At least it's not turning into another Kurt Cobain case where they argue over who "owns" a dead person's music before it gets released years later. Good to see that they are being mature about it.
      man, if they actually do release all this unheard dimebag material it would be the ultimate, i've missed dime and his music for far too long now just like everybody else, i say release it asap and let dimebag rule the world 1 last time....from beyond the grave! rip dime