Uriah Heep Detail 24th Album

Mick Box says "Outsider" is dripping with "passion and energy," reveals the late Trevor Bolder approved of replacement Dave Rimmer.

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Uriah Heep mainman Mick Box says the band's 24th studio album, "Outsider," proves they still have what it takes to create great music.

As Classic Rock notes, it's set for release on June 9 and the band have detailed its tracklist and cover art.

Box says: "We're very proud of our history – but it's equally important to keep producing new material. 'Outsider' is very much a rock album in true Heep style. It shows we still have the passion and energy for our music that we've always had."

It's their first studio outing with bassist Dave Rimmer, who stood in for Trevor Bolder during his cancer battle, then stayed on following the Spiders From Mars icon's death last year.

Box reports: "We lost a world-class bass player, singer, songwriter and friend. While Trevor was ill he wanted us to continue working, so we used Dave. Trevor approved. It was only natural that Dave carried on with the band."

Heep are planning a world tour in support of Outsider, with details to follow. A live DVD was recorded in London last month and will be released in due course.

"Outsider" tracklist:

01. Speed of Sound
02. One Minute
03. The Law
04. The Outsider
05. Rock the Foundation
06. Is Anybody Gonna Help Me?
07. Looking at You
08. Can't Take That Away
09. Jesse10. Kiss the Rainbow11. Say Goodbye

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    I saw heep last year in a tiny shit bar in Peoria Illinois... 15$ tickets and like 20ish people I stood right in front of the stage for one of the greatest shows I've ever seen. They followed it with an arena sized show the next day... Needless to say I am beyond excited.
    24 albums seems like a bit much. I think at that point you should just start making music for yourself and not commercial success.