Valient Thorr: Details For New DVD Documentary

artist: Valient Thorr date: 10/08/2008 category: new releases
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"With the time being right and the fulcrum at a fever pitch, on November 4th, election day, we unleash upon the world, finally, our story, as it has never been told before - with none of that biker, Viking talk that the uninitiated assume - Valient Thorr IN HEAT, a DVD retrospective documentary chronicling our time spent here on this planet, your planet, the planet Earth." - Valient Himself. Valient Thorr In Heat, is a candid and behind the scenes look at North Carolina's Valient Thorr's Rock 'N Roll exploration of Earth up to now. Their travels take the viewer through the US and Europe, recording their newest album Immortalizer in Seattle with Jack Endino, the Volcom Tour 2007, shows with The Sword, Motrhead, Warped Tour, Fu Manchu and more, documenting the last five years on the road. Watch trailer at this location. Pre-Order* here. *Everyone who pre-orders the DVD from Insound will receive immediately at checkout, MP3s of the soundtrack of select live songs from Valient Thorr In Heat. Includes 15 live performances from the albums Total Universe Man, Legend Of The World and 2008's Immortalizer. Total running time is 1 hour and 13 minutes.
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