Van Halen And Tom Morello Work On Rap Album

artist: LL Cool J date: 03/18/2013 category: new releases
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Van Halen And Tom Morello Work On Rap Album
Eddie Van Halen and Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello will appear on a new album together - but not in a style you might expect. Rapper LL Cool J is recruiting the guitar heroes to appear on his new album "Authentic", where they will appear on different songs alongside other rock musicians. Van Halen, who is currently preparing to take his band back on the road after a bout of serious illness which took them off the road in 2012, will appear on the song "Getting Paper" while Morello will appear on "Whaddup" alongside Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker. If you find the unlikely collaboration hard to believe, Cool J has posted a picture of himself with Eddie Van Halen in the studio in the image below. Maybe the rock collaboration isn't so unlikely after all - guitars often feature in rap music, albeit with less distortion than we might like. It's not the first time Cool J has recruited famous guitarists for his music, after hiring Richie Sambora for his album "Exit 13" in 2008. Van Halen and Morello are not strangers to working outside of the rock genre either. Van Halen famously plays the flawless guitar lick on Michael Jackson's "Beat It", and Morello is no stranger to the rap world with plenty of unusual credit already under his belt.
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