Van Halen: New Album Update

artist: Van Halen date: 09/06/2011 category: new releases
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It's not from an official source (although a reliable one), so it could just be speculation and rumors, but that's all fans usually get from the Van Halen organization. The Van Halen News Desk, who often seem to take on the role as unofficial spokespeople for the band, report that VH completed mixing their new album a little over three weeks ago. The fan website says the mixing process began in July and wrapped up last month. The VHND rumor indicates the album will be mastered in mid-September with the intention of having that stage completed by the end of the month. Still no official word on when the new VH album will be released, or even when the first single is likely to drop. The recording will be VH's first with David Lee Roth since 1984 (recorded in '83), their first new music with Roth since '96, the first effort with new bassist Wolfgang VH, and their first studio album since 1998's Van Halen III. The official Van Halen website remains locked down with simply a logo on the front page; no other information is accessible. The most recent post on the VH Facebook page and Twitter site is dated June of 2010, while their Myspace page was last updated in December, 2009. Thanks for the report to
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