Van Halen Planning New Album

David Lee Roth shares details about legendary band's new release possibility.

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Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth says that the band plan to begin work on a new studio album this summer but warns that it may take a while for the effort to be released, Blabbermouth reports.

"We are going to be getting together, not this month, at the end of June to start preparing for some new recording and some new songs," Roth said in an interview with Australian website FasterLouder.

Roth cautions that with the way the band works, it may take a long time for the new music to see the light of day.

"We plan ahead by about two-and-a-half years in advance, which sounds extravagant," Roth says, "(but) from the time you go, 'Let's start to write some songs,' until all of the machines of production and humanity kick in, things move achingly slow - achingly slow."

"Especially if you are art-centric, if you want something to last, it's going to take a long time to put it all together. Quick up is quick down. We know about one-hit-wonders and we know about fast, but it's about three years, it takes about three years."

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    He had better hurry before grunge makes a comeback and ruins his career again, LOL.
    Man, you deserve that medal so much that comment made my day haha
    Their last album was really good, I just hope they get Michael Anthony to come back on bass...
    Since Wolfgang is now with Tremonti, hopefully they would get Michael back! I liked Wolfgang too though, but Michael would make it epic I think.
    Definitely read Wolfie saying he's a member of both bands now and for the foreseeable. Blasphemous as it is, I think Wolfie's as good a backing vocalist and a better bassist than Anthony.
    Anthony's backing vocals are signature. Its very integral. And that is a big piece of the equation that is missing IMO.
    I agree that Wolfie is a more talented bassist (played some really great lines on the album and can shred pretty damn well) but Anthony's high pitched vocals and ridiculous range (he can do the DLR screams better than DLR actually could back in the old days) is a signature part of the van halen sound. Wolfie held his own pretty decently on backups on the album and tour to the point where I was quite impressed, but Anthony can't be beat in that department with van halen.
    I saw the kid too and he is the better bass player and he can mimic Anthonys voice perfectly....
    Actually they NEED Sammy Hagar back. It ISNT Van Halen without him. Sammy BLOWS AWAY Roth on vocals. Roth is a joke compared to his glory days. He sounds terrible and can barely move on stage anymore. I hope Michael anthony comes back as well
    Way Cool JR.
    Van Halen stopped being Van Halen when Dave left. I would take a worn out Roth before a strong Hagar any day of the week when it comes to Van Halen. I just like Roth's vocals better and VH was much more fun and interesting with him. I stopped liking them when Hagar joined. Different strokes I guess.
    If you think Roth sings better than Hagar than you need a lobotomy.
    I don't think he means Roth is a more technically proficient singer, just that he thinks he sounds better. Which I whole-heartedly agree with. Hagar sounds too "generic 80ies singer" to me.
    Roth is a far superior frontman and one of the best, well spoken interviewee in the history of rock music
    Roth has lost it. He can't even sing on their album any more. I've seen Sammy live twice in the past 2-3 years (once solo, once chickenfoot) and the dude hasn't skipped a beat in his age. And seeing as he is verging on senior citizen status, thats saying something.
    Saw Tremonti with Wolfie a couple of months ago and could quite clearly hear his high register backing vocals. The boys got a shit hot range!
    Ehh I'd say maybe he's a better bassist, but backing vocalist....just no.
    Way Cool JR.
    Anthony's backing vocals was a very big key to their signature sound. It's just not the same without him backing. It will be nice to have him back (hopefully).
    Wolf is still with van halen. He was with tremonti because van halen had to take some time off....
    So is this a real new album or more recycled ideas?
    I don't see what the "recycled ideas" issue was. People were excited for this lineup so they could get back to the sound that made them great. So they reworked some old ideas from that era and made an album out of them. Isn't that what people wanted? Or did they want them to start fresh and try and write a style they haven't done for over 30 years... I thought "She's The Woman" was the best song on the album, and that was written in the mid-70's..
    Funny thing is long before the new album came out,tons of people were posting on various websites that it would be cool if they reworked some of the old demos.Now all I see is people complaining about it.They got more flak than Aerosmith did for hiring songwriters.
    Would be nice if they did a proper world tour for their previous album before they think about making a new one....
    anvil is god
    Sounds cool, VH is always fun. I have some confidence despite the last album being as dreck as shrek.
    I'm going to be honest. I think Dave's voice cannot handle competing with the Van Halen brothers anymore. His singing completely ruined the newest album IMO. He just can't do it anymore. What I'd love to see, is the Van Halen brothers maybe working on a "solo" project, where they collaborate with some other singers or musicians. For example, I think Eddie playing guitar with Flea on bass and maybe Anthony Kedis singing would be truly epic, or some of the guys from Queens of the Stone Age... If Eddie wants to stay relevant, I think he should do a collaboration album with some of todays more "modern" rock artists...
    Dude is frikin' Eddie Van Halen and this is a guitar website...take your blasphemy some where else.....
    I honestly believe that they can pull off a new album of new songs and prove their iconic status in this genre... don't forget, it all depends on Eddie, if he stay sober and healthy everything is possible for this band.
    It will probably be a bit longer for them to start the album knowing the eddie had his sickness and how wolfgang is also in another band to. However I bet this new one will be epic. Id not mind another album with sammy either.
    Its funny how Roth said he was "art-centric". As a long time rabid VH fan, I honestly believe that the band needs to be put out of its misery. With every new album/tour they are just pissing in their legacy.
    I'm certainly keen to hear some new stuff! Seriously though, it'd better happen sooner rather than later.
    *20 years years* Roth: "It's coming, folks! Just a few more years!" I'm still looking forward to it though. A Different Kind of Truth was good, very good, but for some reason it just didn't have that 'kick' for me. Still love to hear Eddie shred though and remind me just how shit I am at guitar!
    Too bad you couldn't understand Roth unless you went and looked at the lyrics to the songs in the last album.