Van Halen Track with LL Cool J Leaks Online

artist: Eddie Van Halen date: 03/25/2013 category: new releases
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Van Halen Track with LL Cool J Leaks Online
A clip of Eddie Van Halen's appearance on a forthcoming rap album by LL Cool J has emerged online. You can hear Van Halen playing guitar on "We're The Greatest" in the player below. Van Halen is among a group of rockers including Tom Morello and Travis Barker who have been recruited to inject a dose of rock to the forthcoming rap album titled "Authentic". Listen to the lyrics carefully and you'll notice LL Cool J reference his new axe-slinging musical partner: "I got Van Halen, I don't need a bass line, I knew he could do it, it was just a matter of time," says one line. "Eddie's got Frankenstein aimed at your jaw," says another which apparently misinterprets the name of Eddie's legendary Frankenstrat guitar. Van Halen is no stranger to appearing on records from outside the rock world. He famously plays the main guitar hook on Michael Jackson's "Beat It". Meanwhile, Eddie is preparing to take his band Van Halen back on tour in 2013, after a sudden bout of serious health issues put their 2012 tour to a halt. Listen to Eddie Van Halen play guitar on LL Cool J's "We're The Greatest" here (via Van Halen News Desk):
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