Van Halen Track with LL Cool J Leaks Online

Hear Eddie Van Halen's appearance on a forthcoming album by LL Cool J here, and notice the rapper mistake the name of Eddie's legendary Frankenstrat guitar in the lyrics.

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A clip of Eddie Van Halen's appearance on a forthcoming rap album by LL Cool J has emerged online.

You can hear Van Halen playing guitar on "We're The Greatest" in the player below.

Van Halen is among a group of rockers including Tom Morello and Travis Barker who have been recruited to inject a dose of rock to the forthcoming rap album titled "Authentic".

Listen to the lyrics carefully and you'll notice LL Cool J reference his new axe-slinging musical partner: "I got Van Halen, I don't need a bass line, I knew he could do it, it was just a matter of time," says one line.

"Eddie's got Frankenstein aimed at your jaw," says another which apparently misinterprets the name of Eddie's legendary Frankenstrat guitar.

Van Halen is no stranger to appearing on records from outside the rock world. He famously plays the main guitar hook on Michael Jackson's "Beat It".

Meanwhile, Eddie is preparing to take his band Van Halen back on tour in 2013, after a sudden bout of serious health issues put their 2012 tour to a halt.

Listen to Eddie Van Halen play guitar on LL Cool J's "We're The Greatest" here (via Van Halen News Desk):

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    "He famously plays the main guitar hook on Michael Jackson's 'Beat It'." No, that part is played by Steve Lukather. Eddie performs the solo on the track.
    Also, calling it Frankenstein isn't a "misinterpretation" of Eddie's frankenstrat. Everyone calls it Frankenstein.
    Came here to say that
    so you came here, not to read the article, but to say something that you could have only said by reading the article? you must be a psychic! Mind = blown.
    Dont worry ripper, Bjarnde just hates me and decided to take it out on you. As a side note, I have a mild case of diverticulitis. OMG JUST LIKE EDDIE. just kidding, but seriously I have it...
    This honestly just sounds like someone soloing over a generic rap track. Not really for me but i hope others enjoy it.
    Ditto.... yeah, I still welcome the collaborative effort. Maybe it's really just one of the takes that was leaked, and not the finished product....
    Sounds cool to me, better than the current generation of rap artists IMO.
    Not really. Dark Time Sunshine, Cunninlynguists, Kendrick Lamar, Sadistik and Death Grips blow this shit out the water and that isn't digging deep.
    I'm not a huge fan of rap, and prefer the old school sound. With that said, I'm not motivated to dig deep. Most of what meets my ears is what's on the radio.
    You should do though, there is actually alot of amazing rap coming out right now and in the last few years. Listen to this stuff and see what you think:
    They might be incredibly talented lyricists (what I heard in the tracks you posted wouldn't have me making that claim), but I just can't get over the fact that it just sounds bad to me (the second one was less annoying, though). I'd agree that old school rap usually just sounds better, regardless of lyrical content or rap skill.
    "Eddie's got Frankenstein aimed at your jaw," Well done Mr LL Cool J...
    Sammy Mantis
    Sounds like any other cheesy, generic rap song ever...Only with Van Halen playing guitar over top of it. I dunno, sometimes good things come out of these unlikely collabs. If this clip is anything to go by, this is not one of those times.
    I know i'm gonna get downvoted for this, but i don't get why van halen wants to do this rap rock shit. This sucks imo.
    That really sucked and I really enjoy hip-hop. It felt really disjointed and that hook was ****ing weak.
    Acually if you think about it, it takes Eddie away from the VH sound a bit and shows a bit of his well roundness in music. I give LL props due to him holding true since the early 80's and from what I know this is also a first for LL, don't really listen to his stuff except "Momma said knock you out".
    Dr. Bacon
    It's good to see Eddie's keeping himself busy, even if it is with rap music.
    so if someone with the name van halen does something outside the band van halen its cool, but if your name is roth, hagar, or anthony your kicked out...
    Section 5
    Mama Said Knock You Out is a great album. Not too sure about this. Maybe the full song/album will be better.
    "Van Halen Track with LL Cool J" first I thought it meant LL Cool J was on a new VH track
    I respect LL and Eddie, but I just can't bring myself to enjoy this track. Usually, the chorus is supposed to be the best part of a song, but this just doesn't sound good to me.
    It reminds me that "thing" :
    Tis was at the point that James was abscent due to his stay in rehab which (partly) explains how this bad descission was made. Never let Lars and Kirk decide what to do...
    It's great to hear Eddie's back on his feet and performing again. Hopefully they'll throw in more Canadian locations in there upcoming tour. \m/
    Could have been good but they did it wrong. You can't solo behind his verses. It only works with a hook behind the verse and if you wanna solo, keep that in it's own place.
    Aerosmith featuring Run DMC is still the king of rap-rock collaborations. I'm also a fan of early beastie boys too.