Wacken Metal Band Winners Drone Release 'Juggernaut'

On 30th March German thrash metallers, Drone, release their second album "Juggernaut".

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In August 2006, German thrash metallers, Drone, hit the limelight by winning the Wacken Metal Band competition. On 30th March they release their second album "Juggernaut" on Wacken Records/SPV.

Drone stand for everything thrash: extreme music, philosophy, reality, strength and energy and have become one of Europe's most promising new metal acts! All this is reflected in their uncompromising music and "Juggernaut" contains 10 new, timeless thrash anthems, all of them melodious, modern and powerful.

Frontman Moritz Hempel describes their influences: "We see ourselves as a contemporary metal band. Our sound takes the listener through a multi-faceted metal mix, which includes all genres, modern as well as old school. At the same time our music has its roots in the Bay Area scene and bands such as Testament, Mastodon and Pantera."

Hempel's vocals cover the whole range between death metal growls and melodies for several voices. At times the band really step on it ("Grow A Storm") or sprinkle in some hard-as-nails grooves ("Motr-Heavy Piss-Take"), at others they allow their more melodious side to shine through ("Closing Credits"). A innovative change is the drumn`bass-oriented "No Pattern", a song that many fans are familiar with, featuring guest musician MC Stunnah.

The album is produced by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Maroon, Neaera, among others), currently one the most innovative sound engineers on the contemporary metal scene. Hempel explains: "Our sound has been optimised, drums and vocals especially benefit from Jacob's feel for modern metal."


01. Boneless 02. Grow A Storm 03. Done & Dusted 04. Closing Credits 05. The Set-Up 06. Motr-Heavy Piss-Take 07. Juggernaut 08. No Pattern 09. Piss Drunk 10. T.I.A.

Following their Wacken victory and their debut album "Head-On Collision" they have appeared at numerous festivals such as Wacken 2006 and 2007, With Full Force 2008, Metal Camp 2008, Inferno (Norway) 2008, Summer Breeze 2008 and Metal Mania (Czech Republic and Poland) 2008. Throughout, the band have remained relaxed and faithful to their ideals, as Hempel states: "We can't reinvent the metal genre, but then that's not what we set out to do. We want to have fun and do our thing hit or miss. Horns up!"


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