Watch: Foo Fighters Premiere New Song 'Lah Di Da'

"We only have 22 minutes left, but I wanna play to you all the fucking new songs."

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Watch: Foo Fighters Premiere New Song 'Lah Di Da'

At this year's Secret Solstice Festival in Reykjavik, Iceland yesterday (June 16), the Foo Fighters premiered a new track "Lah Di Da" live in concert.

Dave Grohl told the crowd before kicking things off:

"We only have 22 minutes left, but I wanna play to you all the fucking new songs. What do you wanna do? OK, here's a crazy new song! This song's called 'Lah Di Da' - new song, you haven't heard it."

You can check it all out in the embedded player below.

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    I know this might not be a popular sentiment, but I wish with three guitarists they'd do more guitar solos
    I don't know, I think guitar solos don't really fit all that well into foo fighters sound, either that or it would feel like having solos for the sake of having solos. To me FF is more about the song writing then any sort of technical ability.
    ive always thougt the non-solos in this band was a big weakness for them
    When I saw them live a few years ago they had a few solo breaks, they were easily the most boring part of the show. Not every band needs solos, for FF it'd just be an unnecessary break in the music imo.
    I'd like to see them continue in the direction Wasting Light was going, I think that direction has a lot of avenues for the three guitarists.
    The 2 songs Iv herd so far have me thinking this will be a good earlier Foos style hard rock record... High hopes!
    wow, that's groovy as hell! I've got high hopes for this new album! \m/
    I like this song. Nice dry crunch, good dynamics. Is it me or does a lot of the new stuff I hear by FF have a part of the song where Dave has to shriek a vocal part...nevertheless...good raunchy rock n roll.
    I find it strange that DG is one of the most successful musicians in the world but he hasn't splashed out a couple of hundred bucks to get that tribal tattoo finished