Watch Guns N' Roses 3D Concert Trailer

"Appetite for Democracy" shows their epic Las Vegas performance in 3D. See a full clip of closing song "Paradise City" right here.

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Guns N' Roses have posted the official trailer to their forthcoming 3D concert movie "Appetite for Democracy".

The movie was filmed before a live audience at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas in November last year. You can see the trailer and a full performance of their classic song "Paradise City" in the clips below.

The setlist features songs from their entire career, from their debut album "Appetite for Destruction" in 1987 to their latest release "Chinese Democracy" in 2008. Of course, Axl Rose is the only original member to appear in the current lineup of the band.

"See for yourself as Sin City transforms into Paradise City," exclaims an energetic voice-over artist in the trailer. "If you only see one concert film in your lifetime, this is the one to see!"

Setlist for "Appetite for Democracy":

01. Chinese Democracy 02. Welcome to the Jungle 03. It's So Easy 04. Mr. Brownstone 05. Estranged 06. Rocket Queen 07. Richard Fortus Guitar Solo 08. Live and Let Die (Wings cover) 09. This I Love 10. Motivation (Tommy Stinson song) 11. Better 12. Dizzy Reed Piano Solo 13. Catcher in the Rye 14. Street of Dreams 15. You Could Be Mine 16. DJ Ashba Guitar Solo 17. Sweet Child O' Mine 18. Another Brick in the Wall Part 2 (Pink Floyd cover) 19. November Rain 20. Glad to Be Here (Bumblefoot cover) 21. Objectify (Bumblefoot cover) 22. Don't Cry 23. Used to Love Her 24. Civil War 25. The Seeker (The Who cover) 26. Knockin' on Heaven's Door (Bob Dylan cover) 27. Jam 28. Nightrain Encore: 29. Don't Let It Bring You Down (Neil Young cover) 30. Jam 31. Madagascar 32. Jam 33. Patience 34. Paradise City

Watch the official trailer for "Appetite for Democracy" here:

YouTube preview picture

Watch a cut of "Paradise City" from the 3D movie here:

YouTube preview picture

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    I heard that the first scene is just a muted black screen which lasts for about 2 hours before the set actually begins... for that genuine live GNR experience!
    To add to the experience further one lucky audience member will have their teeth knocked out by a flying microphone at some point.
    "If you only see one concert film in your lifetime, this is the one to see!" Easily the most absurd statement I've heard this year.
    Axl N Friends
    I didn't realize Howard Jones was one of the 'friends'. He's pretty good on the drums too!
    myles kennedy is waaaaay better
    I've seen GnR in '88, '92 and 2007 and was shocked at how good he sang in '07 BUT sadly his voice from what I've seen on youtube has been in decline ever since which is sad (the new, young fans will never get to see/hear what GNR was really all about and that was a kick ass, straight ahead RnR band who didn't give a f#@k)
    blow it out your ass already. Lets break it down, before chinese democracy Axl had 27 writing credits and Izzy had 17. Slash only had 12 and thats inflated because in a good deal of the songs he is credited on it was just for a single riff, lead, or solo. And Duff only had 5 writing credits. Ohh and the amazing matt sorum, he wrote dick
    First, Slash has 19 credits, go count again. Second, those credits mean absolutely nothing. Like you say slash got credit for only writing a single riff, lead or solo. First, where are you even getting that information? 2nd, How is that any different than Axl just writing lyrics half the time? SCOM was all Slash on intro/main riff, Solos. Izzy did the chord progressions. All Axl did was the cheesy lyrics but he got writing credits. Slash's guitar parts on Estranged were far more paramount than Axl's lyrics on a lot of songs, but he didnt get any credit. And most of Axl's credits were on UYI filler songs, while Slash's stuff was their biggest hits.
    completely agree. bringing up writing credits is pointless. 99.9% of the time the person who wrote the words gets the writing credits.
    Or the person who gives a shit about who's on the back of the album... somehow I dont think Slash gave a **** about getting credited for a "riff or two" , axl definitely cared waay too much about credit for riffs... just watch an interview or two and you'll get the idea
    That trailer looks like one of those cheesy infomercials you get on late night shopping channels. I was expecting it to end with 'Order now and get an official Axl Rose red microphone pop shield ABSOLUTELY FREE with just 3 easy payments of $15.97'.
    Guns N' Chains
    This is kind of cool. I am a huge GNR fan and might check this out, but in the first trailer, one line of this really ticks me off. "Legendary rock icons, Guns N' Roses" Sorry, in all due respect, those guys in that band didn't make it legendary. They were hired on to an already successful name and act. Sure some have had success, but not as much as GNR. It makes it sound like its the original guys from the band. Its not. Axl sure, Dizzy, okay, but the others? No. They aren't the true heart and soul of Guns N' Roses. I do like the new band. I liked Chinese Democracy, but its not truly Guns without Slash, Duff, Izzy and Steven Adler and Matt Sorum to a degree. I don't feel that line belongs in the promo to this.
    I absolutely agree with You. \m/ Guns N' Roses will never be THE Guns N' Roses again, sadly.
    Axl is peforming with a smile on his face, and it looks like the crowd are enjoying the show. I don't get the hate towards him really. If you don't like this version of the band, don't listen to them. Not hard really.
    It makes people feel good to hop on hate bandwagons for some reason, kind of like with Nickelback or Justin Bieber. Some people just need to convince themselves they're better than something so they can feel good about themselves. I would probably never even hear any mention of Justin Bieber if it weren't for people badmouthing him, because that's honestly the only time I hear his name mentioned. This is kind of like that. The people with nothing positive or original to add have a lot more to say than the people who are actually interested, partly because they've got over a decade's worth of unoriginal jokes to parrot, which makes them feel special when they get a couple upvotes.
    Wow... well said! On a side note, I love Nickelback (and the new version of GnR).
    He's played recently with Duff and Izzy. Would've been cool to include them somehow.
    What's the point of puttin' so much covered songs into the setlist?
    Agree. I think they shouldnt play so many covers...I love The Who and I cant imagine Axl singing The Seeker...I guess Knockin on Heavens Door is enough
    I totally cannot imagine him singing Another Brick In The Wall II. And, remembering his Live And Let Die cover, I'm not sure I want to imagine him doing this.
    Man... I have nothing against Chinese Democracy or the current incarnation of the band, but that trailer was corny as hell and Axl sounded like crap.
    LOL Appetite for Democracy my ****ing arse. That band is such a walking contradiction. Shows how good their newest shit is when the trailer is just full of Appetite for Destruction and a couple of Use Your Illusion songs. And FFS. Those professional musicians CANT play GNR to save their lives. Its too tidy, its too neat, its too SESSION MUSICIANY. Rock N' Roll is about rough, jagged round the edges, full on attitude. What is with that drummer? He looks like he's ready to drum for 50 Cent.
    If Axl could just change the band name and sticth to mainly the new material, that would be kinda cool.
    I think Axl sounded good on the trailer.
    He sounds better than he usually does lately, but good is stretching it. And remember that all live concerts are put through post-production of some sort too so he and the others may have overdubbed some of this.
    It's been confirmed that this release will be 100% live, no overdubs.
    Great! I'll take their word for it, because they'd never try to pull a fast one on the fans!
    This is pointless, the first hour of the movie will be waiting for them to show up
    TOOOOO many covers and solos, aka breaks for Axl. A cover should be meaningful, and quirky, not just filler. Also, far too many CD songs as well.
    So do you have to wait 3 hours after putting the disc in to be able to watch it? Just to make the whole experience more realistic...
    I love That do ashba is with em. I like do ashba better than I do slash
    "WE SHAKES AND FRIES..." ...children. Ronald McDonald is a psychopath. After his day of work at McDonalds, he just waits for the night to turn into Pennywise.
    Dont get all the hate. Still put on a good show. We'd a;ll love to see the original band but its not gonna happen. I love slash but n one moans that he plays gnr songs live do they? Its great hearing any good band playing they songs. I kind of wish Axl would just change the band name to Roses or something so all the moaning could stop. I'll probably go see this if the ticket prices arent mental
    Okay I think we've heard enough "lol the first hour will just be a black screen!" jokes now, move on people.
    I wonder if the movie will start 2 hours past showtime to give it that authentic GNR feel.
    I was skeptical of the new lineup for years, but after seeing them live at the House of Blues in Atlantic City, my opinion changed. The band sounded phenomenal and Axl sounded great. Sure, it's not the classic line-up we all know and love, but that line-up has been gone for almost 20 years. Regardless of what he calls it, Axl's band sounds tight. It's time to move on...
    So your point is "learn to settle"? Or I can listen to Slash and Myles tearing it up, and pretend Axl retired.
    Hilarious, Axl's band has turned into a Nostalgia tour act sucking on the tit of the former band's glory. This is so pathetic, Axl looks like a bloated fish-frog and sounds absolutely terrible. Jesus Christ. Everybody, take a look at Axl now! what a fat hasbeen
    he did that show for charity. he was sick as **** (soar throat) was on medic and did the show for the kids. it was a nice move. thats it thats all.
    Copy Metallica noob rose
    kind of different. Plenty of bands have made 3D concert films before Metallica. The biggest difference would be that Metallica is making an actual movie, where the concert is just the 'backdrop', vs this is just a 3 hour concert in 3D. There's sort of a big difference, since concerts generally don't have scripts, actors, scenes, ect.
    Only way i would buy this is if Buckethead was still in the band.
    I'll grab this and it will be enjoyable but I do want more new music from Axl. Using the band name was a shame but it was all signed up from the label etc. and was started using Slash, Duff, Axl, Dizzy and Sorum. So I think it was a commercial thing that he owed Geffen a "Guns N Roses" album.