Watch QOTSA Playing the Entire '...Like Clockwork' Live

9 of 10 songs of QOTSA's forthcoming album were played live at the Wiltern Theater in LA along with a bunch of old stuff.

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Queens of the Stone Age performed the entire "...Like Clockwork" album during their previously announced show at the wiltern Theater in LA.

Well, actually only 9 of 10 songs were performed - the band has dropped "Fairweather Friends," which studio version features Elton John, Trent Reznor, Mark Lanegan and Nick Oliveri, for some reason, but it is still a huge debut.

QOTSA used "Keep Your Eyes Peeled" as the show opener, followed by "You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, but I Feel Like a Millionaire," the opening track of "Songs for the Deaf" album. The show setlist, which can be found below, features a bunch of Queens' older material from four previous band's albums, including likes of "Go With the Flow," "Burn the Witch," "Make It With Chu" and "Feel Good Hit of the Summer," blended perfectly with their newest stuff like "I Appear Missing," "Smooth Sailing," "Kalopsia" and "The Vampyre of Time and Memory" among others.

The show also featured screen visuals by Boneface, who draw the album cover and the band's short film "...Like Clockwork," which became part of new album promotion campaign.

Oh, yeah, the show also features ex-Mars Volta Jon Theodore as the band touring drummer.

And, in the end, the show was attended by a number of QOTSA friends, such as Kyuss drummer Brant Bjork, ex-QOTSA bassist Nick Oliveri and Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner. The former Queens' drummer Joey Castillo has also attended the show and tweeted the photo, which can be seen below, followed by text: "QOTSA @Wiltern tonite! Good show, proud of my brothers."

Queens of the Stone Age have previously announced "epic world tour." It's going to start at the Download Festival at Donnington Park in Castle Donnington, UK, where QOTSA will share stage with likes of Korn, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Slipknot, 3 Doors Down, Jimmy Eat World, Papa Roach, and Iron Maiden.

Queens of the Stone Age played:

01. Keep Your Eyes Peeled 02. You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, but I Feel Like a Millionaire 03. Sick, Sick, Sick 04. First It Giveth 04. No One Knows 05. My God Is the Sun 06. I Sat by the Ocean 07. The Vampyre of Time and Memory 08. I Never Came 09. Kalopsia 10. If I Had a Tail 11. Turnin' on the Screw 12. Burn the Witch 13. Make It Wit Chu 14. Smooth Sailing 15. Little Sister 16. I Think I Lost My Headache 17. Go With the Flow 18. I Appear Missing 19. ...Like Clockwork 20. Feel Good Hit of the Summer 21. A Song for the Dead

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    Also, wait, Nick was THERE, and he didn't come out for Millionaire? What the hell is that about?
    It was a great show, great set, and the band sounded tight as hell. Felt like it was missing something without Fairweather Friends, though.
    brant was there and the news didnt mention josh' evil comment in "Screw"
    I dunno, for some reason I didn't see that comment as being made in spite or anything. Almost like an inside joke kinda thing.
    Yeah, that must've sucked for Brant Bjork =\ Especially since he came out to watch the show, apparently trying to bury the hatchet from the whole Kyuss Lives! debacle. He's trying his whole solo thing but it hasn't really taken off as far as I know. Saw him a few times at Toronto's NXNE and bought his album. I had fun at his shows even though I didn't know any of the songs.
    I got the boot
    Why is this news? Playing (among others)songs off your latest album live at shows, so surprising!
    because the album is un-released and there are songs in this set which (probably) havn't been heard by a lot of people here or at least not their full versions and certainly not some live.
    "9 of 10 songs of Queens' forthcoming studio effort were played live during the band's performance at the Wiltern Theater in LA - so a bunch of old stuff was." ... what?
    Would have been ****ing amazing to have Brant and Nick join Josh onstage to have an encore of a song by Kyuss. Ya know something like Green Machine or Demon Cleaner.
    Watched the animated 15 min video a few times, it's so good I've had to pre-order it twice. Not heard an album as good as this in a few years