What Is Geoff Tate Saying On New Queensryche Artwork?

Clue: it's not very subtle, and involved the letters "F" and "U".

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Geoff Tate has revealed a (not so) subtle message to his former bandmates in Queensryche on his new album cover.

Tate was booted from Queensryche last summer after an aggressive fallout, but went on to form his own version of the band with the same name.

His new album "Frequency Unknown" features a fist (presumably Geoff's) wearing gold rings and the letters "FU". We'll leave the letters open to your interpretation.

The album is "stupidly heavy" according to Tate's new guitarist Craig Locicero, and will also feature re-recordings of classic Queensryche songs including "Silent Lucidity", "Empire", "Jet City Woman" and "I Don't Believe In Love" as bonus tracks.

Tate's lineup might be fairly new, but he's already had a lineup shuffle. Guitarist Glen Drover dropped out early on, claiming it wasn't in his best interests to take part. Now Drover has announced plans to join the original Queensryche, who he called "the REAL Queensryche", at the Phoenix in Toronto, which Tate might not be happy to hear.

"Frequency Unknown" tracklist:

01. When Lightning Strikes 02. Running Backwards 03. Fallen 04. Life Without You 05. In The Hands Of God 06. Cold 07. The Weight Of The World 08. Slave 09. Dare 10. Everything

Bonus tracks:

11. Silent Lucidity 12. Empire 13. Jet City Woman 14. I Don't Believe In Love

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    As an old-school Queensryche fan, this whole thing just seems sad to me. Form two new bands and give those bands new names. Start a new era. Sheesh. Like little kids fighting, I swear...
    That would be a terrible move. QR (La Torre) are doing the morally and financially right thing by attempting to claim the QR name.
    I'm pretty anxious to hear what the other guys put out. After hearing the stuff Tate recently released, I wasn't impressed, but I still want to see what the other guys can do without him.
    right dude, +1 from me but im gonna say the ne QR sucks! cmon minuses
    An F and a U... Further Up? File Under? Flying Unicorn? Fed Up? Florida University? I give up.
    Your post might be funny if the album title wasn't already "Frequency Unknown" lol. It's already a play on words, and a pretty poor one at that! Alas, I've never even listened to this band so my opinion is bunk
    I was just riffing on UG's statement- His new album "Frequency Unknown" features a fist (presumably Geoff's) wearing gold rings and the letters "FU". We'll leave the letters open to your interpretation.
    Rob Man
    I'm starting to wonder if there will now be (2) Stone Temple Pilots bands coming soon? If you are the lead singer, I know that it gets into your mind that "you" are the band. It is "your" voice that is heard when an album is played. It is "you" who should have the right to take your legacy with you. Hell, didn't this also happen with RATT many years ago, and Mike Tramp's WHITE LION? I met Geoff once in the early 2000's. He seemed to be a pretty nice guy. He may be a little territorial, but I guess that's the way it is.
    I hope the other Queensryche can find a title that fits the acronym F.U.G.T.
    Flying Unicorns Go Tectonic? File Under "Gorgon Triclops"? Flavourful Underdwellers Grasp Transcendence?
    hames jetfield
    The album is "stupidly heavy" according to Tate's new guitarist Craig Locicero
    Is this supposed to be a compliment?
    It's as much of a compliment as saying that something is 'sick', 'the bomb', 'bad', 'def', 'dope', 'phat', or any other formerly-negative word which has been drafted into meaning 'good'.
    I think its the greatest thing ever. theyve sucked for years without Degarmo and now tate has a fresh alum with new energy hell yeah Im buying
    I wonder what will happen with the name rights, I remember 2 cases first one when Oliver Dawson quitted Saxon and formed his own Saxon, in the end Biff Byford sued him and they had to change their name to Oliver Dawson's Saxon. And the other case when Uwe Lulis quitted Grave Digger and formed his own Grave Digger, Chris Boltendahl sued and won, now Lulis's band is called Rebellion.
    Face R1pper
    Well LA Guns lasted awhile with two lineups and Tracii finally gave up after realizing his version sucked. I'd say let the market decide. Either we'll get two good bands out of this or one of them will deteriorate and break up.
    Does anyone actually own a Queensryche record?
    Everything up to "Empire" is great. Can't say I proudly own anything after...
    4 of them. regrettably. saw them open for Dream Theater in the summer of 03 (?) and figured id familiarize myself with them. it was kinda cool at first, but got old FAST.
    Kind of sad to see that Craig and Paul are getting on this project. I guess they need the money.
    kill it
    I saw Tate's band open for Alice Cooper a few months ago and it wasn't very good.
    Face R1pper
    I lawl @ people that actually think they understand what is going on in Queensryche. Just accept it and let them have two bands.
    What is there to NOT understand? Geoff Tate got booted, stormed off like a little bitch and made a new band with the same name. THEN adds 4 "bonus" tracks originally created by the old band to say, "NEH!" *slams foot down like little baby*. Pretty disrespectful all and all... If this happened with STP, people would never accept one of two...
    Face R1pper
    What is so disrespectful about rerecording songs that he helped write and record? All I am saying is people need to stop pretending that they were involved in this and thinking they have the knowledge that qualifies them to pick sides. Or even better: people like you who insist on slamming Tate without a good reason for it need to admit that you are only taking sides because you don't like anything Queensryche did in the last ten years, and for some reason you feel it necessary to blame Tate for something that the whole band was involved in. If Dedicated to Chaos was a good power metal album like their 80s shit, you certainly would not be calling Tate "a little bitch" right now.
    No, I like what they've done the past 10 years. Especially, American Soldier. I'm disappointed they don't get more attention. Plus I bought all of their albums. So yeah, I will pretend to be involved in some way or another.
    Face R1pper
    Damn, you liked Dedicated to Chaos? I thought American Soldier was good too, but I couldn't tolerate that album. But anyway I think both lineups have great potential, so I am interested to hear the new albums and tours from both bands.
    With American Soldier, I didn't really like it at all at first. But I kept listening to it and it grew on me. My only complaint with that album was the fact that the whole Iraq war had been drilled in to everyone's head so thoroughly before it came out that it was a bit....over rated (I think?) or maybe stereotypical/cliche (still not sure if those are the best words to choose from?) It just seemed like a "Yeah, yeah weeee know" kind of topic. But I guess it was relevant to the times...Dedicated to chaos wasn't too bad. I still have to really listen to that more like I did with American Soldier. Empire will always be my favorite!
    Dedicated to Chaos was definitely NOT epic though. Only thing that stood out to me was that it had some great production/quality perks to it.
    Either way, I'm gonna support all of them no matter what happens. That's the important part on a fan-to-band stance. I'm not crying over spilt milk or anything and I hope like hell that doesn't happen between the two bands.
    It's really hard to write about when they have the same name!
    This whole thing is childish...I think they've forgotten why they started playing music in the first place. Put aside the petty feuds and stop doing things out of spite. Let there just be one Queensryche and Geoff...do something else, deal with it. I'm sure you're not strapped for cash. I get that it sucks but this whole thing is just putting up walls. Music is supposed to be about unity and breaking down walls. That's rock and roll.
    "The new QR is stupidily heavy." Said noone, ever. Got to see them with Tate a couple of years ago opening for Priest and man was I bored the f-ck outta my mind like the rest of the crowd...