What Should We Expect From New QOTSA Album?

Seriously, what should we?

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The new Queens Of The Stone Age record "...Like Clockwork" is probably one of the most anticipated albums of the current year. Set to hit the stores sometime in June, it will mark the group's sixth studio release so far.

But what makes this one so special? We tried to think of as much as possible reasons for this record to either top the charts or run aground, and all we could basically come up with are long lines of pros and praises. So we figured to sum these up and let you guys discuss them so we could see what the UG community thinks as well. So here goes:

1. They're Back!

The story about the new album began almost five years ago, way back in 2008. The band has since gone through a hiatus and didn't actually start the recording sessions until August 2012. And ever since they came back, it's been all about the new music, meaning that the band has something to say. No reunion tours with a bunch of old hits, just what's happening right here and right now.

2. Still Fresh

QOTSA have not been around since the dawn of time, they are among the relatively younger bands. With five studio albums behind them, they find themselves in time when many groups have released some of their most successful efforts.

3. The Groove And The Chemistry

Did you ever get to check the "Mantra" track live jam by the Sound City Players? Basically, it's just Dave Grohl, Josh Homme and Trent Reznor playing live in the studio with Grohl on drums, Homme on bass and Reznor on keyboards. The result? Magic. Even without the guitar player, the trio will grab your attention and won't let go for entire seven minutes. With a mesmerizing laid-back groove, they don't skip a single beat, and since all three of them will be featured on "...Like Clockwork," we can only hope they deliver such groove and chemistry once again.

4. Epic Guest List

Trent Reznor, Alex Turner, Sir Elton John, Mark Lanegan, Jon Theodore, Nick Oliveri, need we say more?

So that about wraps it up, as you can see there is absolutely no reason not to check this one out and... Wait, it's like something's missing. Why of course, after all, this is UG, so...

5. Dave Grohl

You probably thought he was going to be at the top, now didn't you? But seriously, as one the coolest guys in rock, Dave can turn anything into gold. His performance is also top-quality and once again, we're not talking about something that happened two decades ago, we're talking about here and now.

So it would seem that once you put all this on paper, "...Like Clockwork" seems bulletproof. If you can think of any reason why it's not, do let us know. The band has recently premiered the new song "My God Is Sun" during their performance on this year's Lollapalooza Brazil festival, which is for now the only new track we got to hear in full. With an "epic world tour" officially announced, the group is keeping themselves very busy these days. So it seems we'll just have to wait until June and see just how it will all turn up.

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    "What Should We Expect From New QOTSA Album?" Music. I reckon there will definitely be music involved.
    Also, let's not forget Joey Castillo did record on "...Like ClockWork" as well, which only adds to it's "BulletProff" quality. (Check out my band we're from the desert too!) http://thetowntroubles.bandcamp.com/
    Despite your shameless plug I really enjoyed that Hope I don't insult you or your pals by saying this but if you ever manage to find a singer with a one-of-a-kind voice (I know they're rare) ...who knows, perhaps you might really hit it off
    It was pretty shameless huh? lol Either way, no insults taken here sir you're very right.
    Excellent EP! Was glad to find this. Usually don't like people posting their bands along with their comments, but this fit perfectly in a QOTSA article. Keep up the good work!
    This has some serious potential really good EP! Get yer asses over here to Ireland and you've one ticket sale already!
    You show me yours, I show you mine. http://themercurytree.bandcamp.com/
    shit you guys are good, gotta appreciate the ability to hold down a solid catchy 7/4 groove.
    Good stuff Sir, but as long as we are doing shameless plugs www.ashestoembers.com
    If you ever come up to Seattle, I'm up for a gig as a guitarist. This sounds awesome, yet still with room for improvement.
    Where can I buy it? Before now, I had never used bandcamp and am really digging this.
    I have been waiting for this for so long! Definitely gonna buy it the day its out. None of this download shit.
    Unless, that is, the download is available before the phyiscal is. Then I might not be able to wait!
    The only thing Im concerned about is that we all keep saying how awesome/bulletproof its going to be which can often lead to being let down by the final product.
    I'd agree with you for many bands, however, QOTSA is one of those bands (and Josh Homme is one of those musicians) that has never dissapointed me. It is possible, you're right, but I'm thinking we'll be okay. Just don't expect a masterpiece, though. haha. I love all 5 albums obsessively, but I still always go back to Songs for the Deaf as their masterpiece.
    Honestly...QOTSA are overrated. That said, I can enjoy their music, so I wouldn't mind a new album.
    Hey, if you enjoy the band and enjoy talking about it with fellow fans, then that's all that matters right? All I know is that I love this band to death for my own reasons. In terms of 'overrated'...Ultimate Guitar posting about the album every single day, when there are probably tons of other great albums that need publicity? Yea, I'll defiintely agree with you on that one.
    I meant overrated in the sense that they're not as skilled as people say. They're also not as unique as people say. But that really doesn't bother me when I'm in a mood to listen to them.
    I'm trying to work with ya here , I don't walk around telling people that they're skilled and unique. I just listen to them and love their albums. Anything else would just be weird to me.
    Well, you have to realize that the majority of music I enjoy is prog rock (both modern & from the '70s and every other decade) and prog metal or technical metal. I really have high standards of songwriting, so it does say something that I do like to occasionally listen to QOTSA or Them Crooked Vultures.
    I mean, if that's how you find the music you like, then that's what works for you. I used to be a hell of a lot more selective, but let me tell you, lowering (or just getting rid of) any set of 'standards' can make music a hell of a lot more fun but if you're unwilling to budge on it, that's cool. Just know that other people will like things that you find not up to your standards.
    Most fans of QOTSA (I like them, but I'm not a big fan personally) don't seem to put them on a pedestal of high technique or creativity. Homme's works are usually taken at face value: fun upbeat rock music with catchy riffs and hooks. I'd say they pull it off quite well.
    I don't think they're overrated; they're a unique sound in a world of really redundant music, and they pull it off brilliantly.
    Cant't wait! At first I thought My god is sun was a little meh, but it's really grown on me. I love it now
    I expect to have 4 boners per song.
    Thrice Capades
    That's gonna lead to a LOT of chaffing...
    *unzips in pure bliss*
    What? You wack off while listening to QOTSA? Sounds more something one should do when watching porn...
    Trying to keep expectations in check, so as not to be disappointed. "Mantra" is unreal, one of the best things I have heard in a long time. If they can capture that kind of magic throughout the album, it will be another gem. Even if they only manage that kind of performance on some of the tracks, I still expect it will be a standout disc. Either way, can't wait!
    I was never a fan of QOTSA, but I'll definitely get this record. Josh Homme can do a great job with Dave Grohl, prooved by Them Crooked Vultures. And I'm very excited about Trent Reznor contribution. Also, can't wait to hear what they did with Elton John, Jake Shears and Alex Turner.
    I honestly think Grohl is a really good musician and songwriter. I think the same about homme and reznor. That is what makes me excited for this release. I think when you have three really talented, creative people like that involved you're bound to have something good to listen too. I can agree that grohl and this album are getting a little too hyped up but none the less I'm really looking forward to this. I wasn't even a big QOTSA fan until I started hearing about this album.
    Righteous itch
    Is anybody else worried about how awesome this album could actually be? Like what if it is so intensely awesome that it throws the whole Raiders-melting-faces-scene into effect for all who listen to it, and causes world wide catastrophe? What if the human race isn't ready for such concentrated levels of badassery and our primitive minds don't fully acknowledge is complex power, yet advanced Alien life forms do? Then they flock to earth in the millions, forming strange slums and essentially re-create the plot of District 9 except on a global scale... I don't know about anybody else, but I am both extremely excited and overwhelmingly terrified about this album.
    I had never heard Mantra, but holy shit! that was incredible... Anyways I'm a little afraid of an overhyped album but Josh has never let me down, so fingers crossed!
    am i the only one that is sick of hearing about how "awesome" dave grohl is? He's like the kid in high school who liked everything and always says "OMG, theyre my favorite band!"
    This will probably be the greatest thing in the history of the universe. Or it might just be a great album. Either way, it'll be a win.
    legato boy
    Not a massive QOTSA fan but like some of their stuff. Really looking forward to this, particularly Elton John's contribution, he sounded great on Alice In Chains' Black Gives Way to Blue (looking forward to their release too; 2013 it's all happening!)
    Man . . . . for all the die hard QotSA fans sake, I hope this album doesn't suck. UG may just fold in on itself like a black hole.