Whitesnake Stream New Album

artist: Whitesnake date: 03/30/2011 category: upcoming releases

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Whitesnake Stream New Album
Whitesnake's new album, "Forevermore", can be streamed in its entirety at AOL Music. The effort, which came out in North America yesterday (Tuesday, March 29) via Frontiers Records, is being made available in four different configurations. "Forevermore" is available as:
  • a single CD
  • a CD+DVD combo: the DVD features the "Love Will Set You Free" video, the making of "Love Will Set You Free" video, as well as a behind-the-scenes documentary on the recording of "Forevermore"; the CD includes three bonus tracks: "Love Will Set You Free" (alternate mix), "My Evil Ways" (alternate mix with drum solo) and "Forevermore" (acoustic version)
  • a double-LP vinyl edition
  • a special edition box set which includes the CD, DVD, LPs, as well as a cover litho, a poster and a logo sticker. "Forevermore" finds founder/singer/songwriter David Coverdale and company returning to their no-holds-barred, bluesiest, sexiest rock n' roll roots. The CD was recorded, produced and mixed by Los Bros Brutalos (Coverdale, guitarist Doug Aldrich and Michael McIntyre). "Forevermore" track listing: 01. Steal Your Heart Away 02. All Out Of Luck 03. Love Will Set You Free 04. Easier Said Than Done 05. Tell Me How 06. I Need You (Shine A Light) 07. One Of These Days 08. Love And Treat Me Right 09. Dogs In The Street 10. Fare Thee Well 11. Whipping Boy Blues 12. My Evil Ways 13. Forevermore Read more at Blabbermouth.net.
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